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  1. Mike commented on Pooch Cafe 6 days ago


  2. Mike commented on Real Life Adventures 6 days ago

    Now, now…South Florida has 4 seasons just like everyone else. There’s “early summer”, “summer”, “late summer” and “next summer.” By my count, that’s 4.

  3. Mike commented on Overboard 9 days ago

    Hey, there’s rules in the Geneva Convention against that type of biological warfare!

  4. Mike commented on JumpStart 12 days ago

    Ha ha h…….oh, wait. It’s NOT funny because someone explained the joke.

    I.e. if you get the joke and find it funny without explanation, then there’s no need to explain it. If you didn’t get the joke without explanation then it’s usually not funny even after being explained. So we don’t need to know why these strips are funny. Either we already found them funny or we’ll never find them funny.

  5. Mike commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 13 days ago

    No waste of money. They were researching the use of ultrasound to change the programming of implanted medical devices.

  6. Mike commented on The Buckets 16 days ago

    Actually, it IS possible to reverse it and yet keep it on/around/over some body part the whole time. One arm goes out the bottom and then into the sleeve from the other direction. Then pull it off the head and all the way onto the arm and then back over the head and insert the other arm. Problem solved and it never came completely off.

  7. Mike commented on Reality Check 21 days ago

    I had to look it up myself. One of the characters from the movie The Princess Bride (Inigo Montoya) had said "“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” He basically repeated it a few times during a sword-fight with the other character.
    (I had seen the movie but forgot the details till I googled it.)

  8. Mike commented on Zack Hill 23 days ago

    There IS such a thing as an implied subject.
    Me: “Did you eat anything today?”
    You: “Ate a corn dog for lunch.” (“I” was implied.)
    And even verbs can be implied.
    Me: “Where did Apollo 14 go?”
    You: “To the moon.” (“It went” was implied.)

  9. Mike commented on Broom Hilda 30 days ago

    Seeing that she’s the ONLY “little green 1500-year-old witch in the Enchanted Forest” then that, by default, makes her the smartest. But then again, it makes her the dumbest one, the shortest one. the tallest one, the cutest one, the ugliest one, etc, etc, etc.

  10. Mike commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    Veneers are basically caps/overlays to make the teeth look whiter. A wood veneer is a THIN layer (almost paper thin) of a fancy wood (like oak or maple, etc) over a cheap wood, like pine, to make it look better/more expensive.