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Cul de Sac

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  1. Mike commented on Ben 5 days ago

    “Milkman”? Boy, is this strip outdated…

  2. Mike commented on FoxTrot Classics 9 days ago

    He did (that’s what my other comment was in reply to.) Apparently it got deleted.

  3. Mike commented on FoxTrot Classics 10 days ago

    “If you walk down the back alley, you may be mugged.” Does that mean the cops endorse mugging and will never punish it or does that simply mean that they can’t prevent ALL muggings and that it may still happen but whenever possible. It also does NOT mean that simply because you paid your taxes that you’ll always be safe from being mugged nor does it mean you can go out and mug others at will. And if you ARE caught mugging someone, no matter how much you paid in taxes, you WILL be jailed.

    shaking head

  4. Mike commented on Lio 14 days ago

    “I see,” said the blind man as he picked up the hammer and saw.

  5. Mike commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 25 days ago

    If it was surface contamination (a glove that had plutonium dust on it) or such, then I’d agree. But if it’s internal to the item and can not be removed by washing, filtering or other such methods, then I’d say it’s become part of the item and the item itself is radioactive and not that it’s simply contaminated with radioactive substances.

    On another note, ALL life is radioactive due to C14 in our bodies/cells. It’s just a matter of HOW radioactive the animal/plant is that’s important.

  6. Mike commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 27 days ago

    Historically, the ice ages don’t freeze the entire globe nor have any of them been in historical times. We’re currently in an interglacial period known as the Holocene and have been in it for around 11,000 years. Written history only goes back around 6-7,000 years or so. But the Nile (pretty much the whole length) did freeze in 829AD and once more in 1010AD,

  7. Mike commented on Lio 27 days ago

    If Mark is like me, he wrote it deliberately as being a misspelling of “thought” and not as “That Ho Out There,” (I had to google that one.) Just because there’s an offensive use of a word/series of letters don’t assume that EVERYONE uses it that way or even knows of that meaning.

  8. Mike commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    How do you know when you have perfect pitch on the bagpipes? When they don’t hit the dumpster walls going in.

  9. Mike commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 month ago

    The first/main definition of “behave” is “act or conduct oneself in a specified way, especially toward others.” Ponch didn’t say he’d behave in a NICE manner. So if he act a fool, that’s STILL “behaving.”

  10. Mike commented on Loose Parts 2 months ago

    That was my very thought as well.