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  1. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp over 3 years ago

    Don’t mess with us old people!

  2. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp almost 4 years ago

    This has not been one of the more interesting story lines….in my humble opinion…..just saying….

  3. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp over 4 years ago

    This causes a rift between the guys causing the season to fall apart. Then they make up only to miss the playdowns by 1 game.

  4. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp about 5 years ago

    So we now know the plot line for the next 3 months. I think most of us saw it coming.

  5. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    The Gilfather

  6. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp over 5 years ago

    @stealth6948: What really happens is that last ones hired are the first to go. No school system has to scramble to find replacements.
    I don’t like the story line as it is blatantly political and there is no middle ground on this issue. But, taking it seriously, salaries and benefits are the first items to be cut..meaning teachers. District level jobs and cut backs never seem to happen. Next on the chopping block is fine arts like chorus and band. Athletics is a sacred cow. Nobody cuts the real fat and waste. The answer is always raise taxes because “it is for the children”….what a crock of horse manure. I could go on and on about textbooks, buildings, etc….but…well…let’s see where this story line goes. It is, however, tooooo personal and vindictive on the part of some of the characters.

  7. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp almost 7 years ago

    As a parent with 2 girls (all grown up now), this is just tooooo funny! This is something I would have liked to have done to some of the boyfriends along the way. Poor Jamaar, he is inserting both feet - up past the knees - into his mouth at the same time. He really will be “the ghost” after this as he is going to come out of this as nothing more than a wisp of his former self……except in his own head, of course… LOL

  8. kevinale commented on Gil Thorp over 7 years ago

    Coach knew EXACTLY what he was doing. Generally, running boys until they are sick will get their attention.