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  1. pcolli commented on Beardo about 6 hours ago

    Looks just like our city centre.

  2. pcolli commented on Adam@Home about 7 hours ago

    You leave Winnie out of this.

  3. pcolli commented on F Minus about 7 hours ago

    Just turn the rear wipers on.

  4. pcolli commented on Pop Culture Shock Therapy about 7 hours ago

    Better than carving your name in her arm.

  5. pcolli commented on Pluggers about 7 hours ago

    Then it’s still OK.

  6. pcolli commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 7 hours ago

    Can’t be as bad as so called “democracy”.

  7. pcolli commented on Garfield about 7 hours ago

    According to the TV Garfield, Lyman is in a far off country protecting a rare, supposedly mythical creature.

  8. pcolli commented on Francis about 18 hours ago

    Whatever one’s race, colour, religion……. we all cry laugh, grieve over the same things. It’s time the world said “farewell” to power freaks, dictators…. no more religious rulers, multi national companies with influence. If your country isn’t what you want it to be…. put it right but don’t involve your neighbours.

  9. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 18 hours ago

    Being nice to people…..
    Have you ever thought about anyone else? Especially people like myself who have panic attacks after being out of the house for more than half an hour? I hate getting too personal and like to keep my acquaintances at arms length. My family are a load of morons (are you one of them) as are my other half’s.
    Spare a thought for people who aren’t you. Your life might be wonderful (though I doubt it)…..you come across as someone who likes to control others. That’s not nice. Is someone controlling you, so that you have to take it out on others?

  10. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 19 hours ago

    Did you try any of the Snowball recipes from yesterday?