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  1. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 1 hour ago

    Military regulations don’t apply here….. You make a comment; I may or may not respond to it.

  2. pcolli commented on Loose Parts about 3 hours ago

    If life gives you lemmings, make lemmingade.

  3. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 5 hours ago

    The only regulations I can find apply to pet shops. Certainly enough constrictors escape in this area and no-one bothers to try to find them. They do breed quite readily in captivity. An old friend kept lots of snakes and he became an expert, providing advice to TV and film companies. He never mentioned needing a permit.

  4. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 11 hours ago

    Not so….. many people here keep snakes as pets.

  5. pcolli commented on Adam@Home about 11 hours ago

    And the original cartoons were political lampoons.

  6. pcolli commented on Health Capsules about 11 hours ago

    And as for deadly nightshade….

  7. pcolli commented on F Minus about 11 hours ago

    It’s part of his five a day……

  8. pcolli commented on Eek! about 11 hours ago

    The devil, you say…..

  9. pcolli commented on WuMo about 11 hours ago

    She’s only looking for a cheap grid lock.

  10. pcolli commented on Viivi & Wagner about 11 hours ago

    Garlic was the cause of the problem on the first place….. now it’s started to sprout.