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  1. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 1 hour ago

    Oh, you mean the queen with two legs…… yes, he lives down the road from us.

  2. pcolli commented on Garfield about 1 hour ago

    It looks like a stuffed crust…… not exactly Italian.

  3. pcolli commented on Andy Capp about 2 hours ago

    Just as there are different accents in the USA, the speech patterns in the UK are varied and change all the time. My other half’s great niece is beginning to sound “American”, due to the TV shows she watches.

    Scotland’s accents vary, too (as I’m sure you must have observed in your holidays in the country).
    My mother used a Wiltshire dialect and my father had a Bath (Somerset) accent. Bristol (about 12 miles from Bath) has a different set of words and cadence. The words my mother used are rarely heard, now but sometimes it’s nice to use them so no-one knows what you’re on about!

  4. pcolli commented on Viivi & Wagner about 11 hours ago

    Send these people to be culled.

  5. pcolli commented on Andy Capp 1 day ago

    You can still buy better versions than that. Vinyl is a big seller in the UK due to its higher fidelity to the original recoeding. That is, until it becomes worn or scratched. So far analogue recording beats digital for depth and warmth.

  6. pcolli commented on Ballard Street 1 day ago

    Oh yes…. Elton John singing, “He’s a bucket man…..”.

  7. pcolli commented on Pluggers 1 day ago

    My other half’s great nephew had his 16th birthday recently. He opened his cards, looked at the money inside and tossed it all aside with a brief grunt of thanks.
    He received £300 in all. I remember getting socks, record tokens, things I would never use and having to write to letters to everyone concerned to say thank you.

  8. pcolli commented on Ollie and Quentin 1 day ago

    Prey is something that gets eaten….. I think you meant “predators”.

  9. pcolli commented on Non Sequitur 1 day ago

    You might like to consider the panda, a species that evolved as carnivores. Now what do they eat?
    Nobody told them to stop eating meat, it just happened.

  10. pcolli commented on Andy Capp 2 days ago

    Don’t forget Pat Keysell who signed for the deaf people.
    Tony Hart was brilliant.
    There was another programme with a cartoonist, I can’t remember his name but it looked liked he worked out a lot between drawing strips. He was always shown sat behind a drawing board.