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  1. hdavidt commented on Gary Varvel about 4 years ago

    Maybe this is just an indication that finally our foreign policy will not be set by Israel! That certainly hasn’t worked very well for the USA so far.

  2. hdavidt commented on Michael Ramirez about 4 years ago

    SeƱor Ramirez, if only your lovely GOP had been able to keep your ancestors out…

  3. hdavidt commented on Mike Lester about 4 years ago


  4. hdavidt commented on Steve Breen about 4 years ago

    and BS!

  5. hdavidt commented on Gary Varvel about 4 years ago

    I just never realized so many people were one percenters!

  6. hdavidt commented on Chip Bok over 4 years ago

    Religious freedom-the right to oppress whomever you want whenever you? So, who would Jesus hate? Perhaps, that’s what they should be asking themselves.