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  1. stingray185ba commented on John Sherffius over 6 years ago

    I feel so strong, what a day, I listened to over 45 seconds of Rush today and didn’t barf. Next week Fox News for a whole minute.

  2. stingray185ba commented on Tony Auth over 6 years ago

    And the Bush stupidity lives on, long after he slithered back to Texas.

  3. stingray185ba commented on Tim Eagan over 6 years ago

    If this were 1955, half these people would be in prison.

  4. stingray185ba commented on Wizard of Id over 6 years ago

    Come on, guys, that was a line from the Gene Wilder prison movie, Stir Crazy, I think with Richard Pryor.

  5. stingray185ba commented on Michael Ramirez almost 7 years ago

    People are dying, are we just to stand by and watch? Let’s try something, this is still the USA, after all.

  6. stingray185ba commented on Ted Rall about 7 years ago

    After 8 years of non-stop stupid, the occasional gaff is no big deal.

  7. stingray185ba commented on Steve Sack about 7 years ago

    I listened to the tapes early this morning, Where was the alleged shouting by the prof? Secondly, I yell once in a while on my own property, I don’t think that’s against the law. Move on. It was a false arrest, plain and simple. Cops make mistakes all the time, Ask OJ Simpson, he knows how incompetent they can be.

  8. stingray185ba commented on Ted Rall about 7 years ago

    The guy (?) was a total wacko. Give it a rest.