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  1. Atma commented on Nick Anderson 6 days ago

    The “prosecute Hillary” promise was just pure dirty politics, nothing more. Giulliani clearly implied so in an interview just a few days after the election when pressed by an interviewer about bringing up charges. Rudy brushed it off so casually saying that he honestly doubted it would ever happen “unless some evidence comes up in the future that we just can’t ignore.” They KNEW they were lying as they frothed at the mouth about “crooked Hillary”. Sorry, all you bloodthirsty fools who bought into a public hangin’. You’ve been had by the biggest con of the century.

  2. Atma commented on Clay Bennett 6 days ago

    And Republicans should have to pay back the lost surplus and the ensuing deficit and Iraq war costs for Bush’s disastrous administration including the 2008 crash, and also for the horrendous debt the US will incur from the Trump mess about to happen—unpaid bill on that moronic wall idea, subsidies for coal and gas and oil, huge ramp up for the military which is already by far the best around, huge tax cuts for the top 1% (sorry about you others, nothing). Sweet deals for Trump Corp to build this and that infrastructure. Oh it’s going to be a HUUUGE deficit.

  3. Atma commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 6 days ago

    On Belle Isle in Detroit they had an aquarium with electric eels. The tank was rigged with light bulbs lit by the eels.

  4. Atma commented on Signe Wilkinson 7 days ago

    The whaling industry died when electric lighting gained traction. Coal is practically dead already, killed by natural gas which is cheaper; natural gas is also dying as drilling costs continue to rise while supply is cheap, getting buried by cheaper solar energy. Solar is on track to become the cheapest way to generate electricity within the next decade as costs continue to relentlessly drop. It’s the economy, stupid! Either stay with the trend or get left behind.

  5. Atma commented on Mike Luckovich 11 days ago

    He was probably thinking across the Bearing Strait. Or hose them all to death so the pipeline can be completed.

  6. Atma commented on Geech 11 days ago

    I have a Timex from 1985, still works, has had maybe 7-8 batteries. No intention of replacing it, keeps great time and it’s not like wearing a d@mn table clock on my wrist.

  7. Atma commented on Non Sequitur 11 days ago

    Nice nod to stereotypes, Wiley.

  8. Atma commented on Chan Lowe 17 days ago

    This really is FUNNY!

  9. Atma commented on Matt Wuerker 17 days ago

    And the Dominionists….

  10. Atma commented on Bloom County 2016 17 days ago

    That would be worse. He wouldn’t be impeachable on the Supreme Court.