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  1. Dan Eggleston commented on La Cucaracha about 1 month ago

    he can even triple it

  2. Dan Eggleston commented on Dan Wasserman 3 months ago

    a revival of THE ODD COUPLE

  3. Dan Eggleston commented on Faces of the News by Kerry Waghorn 4 months ago

    he’s not the lt gov & is the former gov

  4. Dan Eggleston commented on Clay Jones 5 months ago

    in the words of the creator
    “I’m not often amused by Geico commercials, especially the ones with the gecko. He’s annoying. But I liked the one with alligator arms. It shows a group of people at a restaurant and one of them is an alligator, who volunteers to pay for the meal. Unfortunately since he has alligator arms he can’t reach the check. I’ve been wanting to use the concept for a cartoon for a few days now.

    Fortunately for me, Donald Trump (the usual suspect), has given me the opportunity.

    Donald Trump doesn’t like to pay his bills. He stiffs employees, contractors, and even the lawyers that fight his lawsuits brought on by those he stiffed. Nice guy. His excuse? Sometimes if the work is shoddy he doesn’t believe he should pay for it, or not the full amount he originally agreed to. And then he tries to hire back the contractor who performed the original “shoddy” work.

    He often renegotiates a contract after the job is done. He’s driven people to unemployment lines and pushed companies into bankruptcy over his screw-’em-all policy.

    Then people sue him. The number of lawsuits filed against him has risen to an absurd level. And then after lawyers fight for him, he tries to stiff them. And then they sue him and he hires new lawyers…and he later stiffs them.

    Trump, the man of the people who’ll bring jobs back, is not a nice guy. He’s cheated on his wives. He’s degraded women, Mexicans, immigrants, Muslims, journalists, the handicapped, etc. He’s scammed people with his so-called university. He’s a pathological liar. On top of all that he’s a racist.

    There’s an argument in his favor that he’s the candidate who has experience creating jobs. He’s also the candidate that rips people off, and drives them into unemployment and bankruptcy.

    I’d rather vote for an alligator."

  5. Dan Eggleston commented on Steve Breen 9 months ago

    Ex-San Diego Mayor Bob Filner still denies sex harassment and alleges his office was bugged

  6. Dan Eggleston commented on Kevin Kallaugher about 1 year ago

    Indiana‚Äôs Supreme Court said the right to education doesn’t mean free transport to the door

  7. Dan Eggleston commented on Clay Jones over 1 year ago

    insert an “r” where the “-” is in bill’s comment

  8. Dan Eggleston commented on Matt Davies over 1 year ago

    let’s try the effluent

  9. Dan Eggleston commented on Tony Auth about 2 years ago

    sad news. Tony died this week. great interview with him on Fresh Air

  10. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep almost 3 years ago

    who dat?