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Shoe by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly


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  1. Dan Eggleston commented on Clay Jones 24 days ago

    insert an “r” where the “-” is in bill’s comment

  2. Dan Eggleston commented on Matt Davies 3 months ago

    let’s try the effluent

  3. Dan Eggleston commented on Tony Auth 8 months ago

    sad news. Tony died this week. great interview with him on Fresh Air

  4. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep over 1 year ago

    who dat?

  5. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep over 1 year ago

    lucky san diego

  6. Dan Eggleston commented on La Cucaracha almost 2 years ago

    love these, but so many of them seem to be missing

  7. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep almost 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz??

  8. Dan Eggleston commented on Win, Lose, Drew over 2 years ago

    from somone who lives in Allen. “I live in the city that built that stadium (couldn’t vote on it as we didn’t live here then) and I must say, in its defense, it was a bond voters chose. Also, the stadium wasn’t the only thing that was built. Allen Independent School Distri…
    ct also built a brand new performance arts theater that includes music, visual arts, and performance spaces. We also have a culinary arts building where students make and sell food in a cafe. While I am no fan of spending on football over teachers, the high school created a need to for teachers to keep the arts and kitchen filled with students. Lastly, Allen residents overwhelmingly passed a tax increase to help curtail the pain of the Legislature’s budget cuts, so we really do know our priorities.”

  9. Dan Eggleston commented on Ben Sargent over 2 years ago

    wondering why none of these are in color, as they are when they run in the local paper

  10. Dan Eggleston commented on Shoe almost 3 years ago

    see today’s at http://www.shoecomics.com/