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Shoe by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly


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  1. Dan Eggleston commented on Clay Jones 4 months ago

    insert an “r” where the “-” is in bill’s comment

  2. Dan Eggleston commented on Matt Davies 6 months ago

    let’s try the effluent

  3. Dan Eggleston commented on Tony Auth 11 months ago

    sad news. Tony died this week. great interview with him on Fresh Air

  4. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep over 1 year ago

    who dat?

  5. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep almost 2 years ago

    lucky san diego

  6. Dan Eggleston commented on La Cucaracha about 2 years ago

    love these, but so many of them seem to be missing

  7. Dan Eggleston commented on Paul Szep about 2 years ago

    Ted Cruz??

  8. Dan Eggleston commented on Win, Lose, Drew almost 3 years ago

    from somone who lives in Allen. “I live in the city that built that stadium (couldn’t vote on it as we didn’t live here then) and I must say, in its defense, it was a bond voters chose. Also, the stadium wasn’t the only thing that was built. Allen Independent School Distri…
    ct also built a brand new performance arts theater that includes music, visual arts, and performance spaces. We also have a culinary arts building where students make and sell food in a cafe. While I am no fan of spending on football over teachers, the high school created a need to for teachers to keep the arts and kitchen filled with students. Lastly, Allen residents overwhelmingly passed a tax increase to help curtail the pain of the Legislature’s budget cuts, so we really do know our priorities.”

  9. Dan Eggleston commented on Ben Sargent almost 3 years ago

    wondering why none of these are in color, as they are when they run in the local paper

  10. Dan Eggleston commented on Shoe about 3 years ago

    see today’s at http://www.shoecomics.com/