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  1. Darsan54 commented on Nick Anderson about 12 hours ago

    Don’t bother arguing with CG. That psychotic break with reality hasn’t been treated yet.

  2. Darsan54 commented on Tom Toles about 12 hours ago

    Invented by Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.

  3. Darsan54 commented on Tom Toles about 12 hours ago

    Even then. Wasn’t that Representative from New York elected and then had to quit because of major felony convictions?

  4. Darsan54 commented on Mike Luckovich about 12 hours ago

    Yep, this sounds about right. That’s the level this debate is on.

  5. Darsan54 commented on Working Daze about 13 hours ago

    Sadly, a lotta truth there.

  6. Darsan54 commented on Frazz about 13 hours ago

    Ouch, you little punk !!!

  7. Darsan54 commented on F Minus about 13 hours ago

    Yep, that sounds legit.

  8. Darsan54 commented on Prickly City about 13 hours ago

    Both would only worsen the situation. We need publicly funded national, regional and local elections run by an independent election commission, staffed with paid professionals. Voting districts need to be determined by population and geographical boundaries only. Voting needs to be made mandatory on a voting holiday with increased access thru mail and early voting processes. We also need to limit the time spent on elections with free media time provided by the TV and Radio stations for qualifying candidate debates – real debates with stated propositions and positions taken for and against. Anything less is doomed to failure.

  9. Darsan54 commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    From one of the least original thinkers on the internet being called a parrot is an endorsement.

  10. Darsan54 commented on Prickly City 1 day ago

    Maybe this is what it takes to get legislation thru the Boehners House?