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  1. fredd13 commented on Skin Horse 5 days ago

    Couldn’t agree more. Read both. Last time I re-read Narbonic, Shaenon had a commentary alongside the strip, which was fascinating in its own right. And after “Narbonic”, don’t miss out on “Li’l Mell and Sergio”, either.

  2. fredd13 commented on HUBRIS! 13 days ago

    Yup. JUST like old times.

  3. fredd13 commented on Beardo 13 days ago

    Nothing wrong staying cordial with an ex, IF you’re both able to be mature about it. My brother and his then-fiancĂ©e split by mutual accord, because they reckoned they made much better friends than partners. He married decades ago, and she’s still a close family friend. But, yeah, “I’ve moved on” is implicit in “ex”.

  4. fredd13 commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 16 days ago

    One word: “Palimpsest”.

  5. fredd13 commented on The Barn 17 days ago

    An oldie (Patrick Moore mentions it in his book “How to Speak Venusian”, which is full of examples of similar wonderful nut-jobbiness). The correct answer, of course, is that it could – but as the helicopter starts off on the ground, hurtling sideways at the same speed, to “just hover”, first of all it would have to kill its sideways motion and slow down by 1000mph (or whatever – over 1100mph at the equator, actually). Because, well, Newton’s First law. Meanwhile, the air it would be “hovering” in is still hurtling sideways at the same speed. The effect is precisely similar to trying to fly sideways for 16 hours at 1000/1100mph. And the helicopter has not yet been built that can remotely do that.

  6. fredd13 commented on Get Fuzzy 19 days ago

    The cat has it spot on. And given that Rob’s a rugby fan, I can’t honestly say I’d expect him to disagree.

  7. fredd13 commented on Skin Horse 21 days ago

    Re: first panel…. Blimey, that’s more than I do. Either that, or we don’t bother with euphemisms…

  8. fredd13 commented on Arlo and Janis 22 days ago

    Don’t knock our so-called warm beer. It’s that temperature because that’s where the aromatics and so on make it taste best. The stuff we drink at room temperature would taste appalling cold**. You want to drink lager and its derivatives, chill the heck out of them, by all means; you want a strong, full-bodied bitter or stout with flavour to knock your socks off, you let it breathe.

    **Although IMO it would still be better than the average swill that passes for “a cold one” in far too much of the world. (“Pils: The L is silent.”)

  9. fredd13 commented on Baldo 22 days ago

    Not normally remotely necessary.

    I have a couple of family numbers committed to memory, but even that’s over the top. Numbers I use regularly are (a) on multiple phones, the main one of which is (b) backed up, and are © in most cases also written down in an address book with other contact information. And if I go away for any length of time I take hard copy of key contact numbers, which I keep separately.

    I might find myself briefly inconvenienced if I, say, lost my phone while away from home, but that’s about the limit.

  10. fredd13 commented on Skin Horse 27 days ago

    It’s basically more soap opera than story. Things don’t happen so much because there’s a plot, but simply to give the next episodes somewhere to go. Can’t say I’m a fan of soap opera.