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  1. fredd13 commented on HUBRIS! 2 days ago

    Joseph Witworth is one of the largely-unsung founders of the world we live in today. Basically he had the then-brilliant idea of making and selling standard kits with which to cut nut and bolt threads. Prior to that, if you wanted a nut to fit a bolt, you cut the two by hand. Afterwards, you could churn out thousands of each to his standards, in the knowledge that any two pieces cut to the same specification would work together. One of the little advances that, together, revolutionised industry.

  2. fredd13 commented on HUBRIS! 4 days ago

    Well, duh. 50 yards is easier than 50 metres.

  3. fredd13 commented on Gray Matters 6 days ago

    Pretty much only works in the eccentric US. In most of the rest of the world, the last one was 11 December 2013.

  4. fredd13 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    I was about to post something similar. It’s really nice to see, after so many (oh, SO many!) years in her teens, that Greg’s been allowing Luann and the other kids to grow up at last. I’m sure it makes the strip dynamics harder, but in truth it makes the characters a lot more human and believable.

  5. fredd13 commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    An Englishman is likely to say that he’s English, or British. I’ve never heard of someone saying their nationality in a way that brings out “United Kingdom”; I’m not sure there’s even a word for it.

    (But satirists Michael Flanders and Donald Swann had the right of it, decades ago:
    ‘The rule is: if we’ve done anything good, it’s “Another triumph for Great Britain!”. And if we haven’t, it’s “England loses again!”’)

  6. fredd13 commented on Candorville 7 days ago

    Good story. Not true.

    No, the DNA tests showed female infidelity occurred at some point in the long chain leading from Richard back up to Edward III and then down to the 5th Duke of Beaufort (1744-1803). Precisely who is unknown; it could have been anywhere, in either chain of descent.

    Totally irrelevant to the British monarchy, though; Henry VII won the battle of Bosworth Field, in which Richard died – and claimed the throne through right of conquest, not descent.

  7. fredd13 commented on The Barn 7 days ago

    “Ah, but that was all done away with centuries ago. No one demolishes planets anymore.”
    - Ford Prefect

    Looks like we’re off the hook.

  8. fredd13 commented on Diamond Lil 14 days ago

    This strip fortunately brought to you by the letter “W”.

  9. fredd13 commented on Agnes 14 days ago

    “Discretion is the better part of Valerie (though all of her is nice).”

  10. fredd13 commented on Luann 19 days ago

    Were these real people, I’d tell Gunther that things “got complicated” when he opted to leave the country with Rosa, and that he knew and implicitly accepted that at that point. Everything afterwards is simply consequence that he has to cope with.