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  1. saxie5 commented on Amanda the Great 15 days ago

    Don’t think of it as cat hair, think of it as a fashion accessory! Ha ha.

  2. saxie5 commented on Broom Hilda 18 days ago

    In all fairness, the frog didn’t specify human prince.

  3. saxie5 commented on Adult Children 19 days ago

    Well, if you want to look happy and be left alone, the last one is perfect!

  4. saxie5 commented on Ali's House 20 days ago

    Well, people do yarn bomb trees sometimes…

  5. saxie5 commented on Bound and Gagged 21 days ago

    What? They’re not called a waiter because they make you wait? Ha ha.

  6. saxie5 commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken 21 days ago

    Chicken is small, he can share.

  7. saxie5 commented on Doodle Town 21 days ago

    Sorry to hear that you are sick. Feel better soon!

  8. saxie5 commented on Clear Blue Water 21 days ago

    Time for Owen to learn about chores!

  9. saxie5 commented on Big Nate 22 days ago

    Doesn’t mean Francis has to agree to it!

  10. saxie5 commented on Adam@Home 22 days ago

    Hot lemonade? Bleh! All I can think of is Theraflu and that stuff was gross!