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  1. saxie5 commented on Barney & Clyde 4 days ago

    Does Cynthia get an allowance? If so, let her buy her own shoes.

  2. saxie5 commented on Adult Children 5 days ago

    Hey, don’t knock it. It’s usually a good thing when someone is happy to see you!

  3. saxie5 commented on Adam@Home 5 days ago

    There’s a place for both books and ereaders in this world.

  4. saxie5 commented on Cathy 5 days ago

    I’m sorry to hear that. Hugs

  5. saxie5 commented on Daddy's Home 7 days ago

    I had hoped to, but alas it was too cloudy. sigh

  6. saxie5 commented on Adam@Home 9 days ago

    Remember, video games will be there when the weather is bad. Enjoy the nice weather while you have it!

  7. saxie5 commented on Breaking Cat News 12 days ago

    My Oreo thinks that clean laundry is another bed for her.

  8. saxie5 commented on Ben 12 days ago

    Dear Ben,

    What ever you plan on cooking.


  9. saxie5 commented on Daddy's Home 13 days ago

    Unfortunately there is no autumn where I live. sigh

  10. saxie5 commented on Bob the Squirrel 13 days ago

    I prefer apple flavored foods myself.