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  1. saxie5 commented on Adam@Home about 3 hours ago

    Maybe suggest some sort of baking project, so that at least Martha has food in her mouth for part of the evening and can’t speak…

  2. saxie5 commented on Bob the Squirrel 4 days ago

    Happy Birthday Bob! Hope its a good one.

  3. saxie5 commented on Andertoons 4 days ago

    Did you see him with your third eye?

  4. saxie5 commented on Breaking Cat News 5 days ago

    Aw, Puck looks so sad when he realizes he can’t the tube off. Poor thing.

    My black and white cat loves toilet paper tubes! She also loves it when we hide one of her toys inside and she can try to get it out.

  5. saxie5 commented on Andertoons 6 days ago

    Ha! Good one.

  6. saxie5 commented on Back to B.C. 11 days ago

    I guess he’s free wheeling!

  7. saxie5 commented on Close to Home 12 days ago

    And that’s only the half of it…

  8. saxie5 commented on Ben 12 days ago

    I would think some women would like the one of Ben doing the dishes…

  9. saxie5 commented on The Awkward Yeti 12 days ago

    Well, that’s rather bracing.

  10. saxie5 commented on Daddy's Home 17 days ago

    I don’t have any tattoos. I’m not a big fan of needles or pain!