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  1. nboady commented on PreTeena 1 day ago

    If they start it over from the beginning when it ends late this month, then it’ll be a month more out of whack than it is now. It’s not likely to ever be quite in sync with the real time (the strip originally started in April of 2001 — they would have to skip past a bunch of stuff to resync the calendar — or delay when they restart the strip).

  2. nboady commented on The Norm Classics 1 day ago

    I assume that they called him to tell him that he didn’t get the job. However, now-a-days, they wouldn’t do that either.

  3. nboady commented on PreTeena 3 days ago

    In the original run (from 2008), the strip had 3 weeks of reruns (taken from 2005 and 2006). It’s probably because Allison Barrows decided to end the strip. 3 weeks of reruns and a final week to close out the strip and it comes to a close. July 27th is the last strip here. I wonder if it will flip back to the beginning…

  4. nboady commented on Thatababy 4 days ago

    There’s only so much room in a daily strip — can’t include everything that Christopher Lee did in his life.

  5. nboady commented on Free Range 7 days ago

    The Elizabeth Taylor Cleopatra is infamous for its cost overruns — it almost caused 20th Century Fox to go bankrupt. It did decent business but probably didn’t break even (due to distribution & marketing costs). Being a “bomb” is more of a statement of profit making vs audience acceptance.

  6. nboady commented on Cul de Sac 10 days ago

    Pangolins, huh. Are you a fan of Bamboo Blade? (episode here)

  7. nboady commented on My Cage Classics 11 days ago

    At the Patreon page, click on the link to Creator Posts. The new strips are there.

  8. nboady commented on PreTeena 12 days ago

    Colored version can be seen here.

  9. nboady commented on Ink Pen 13 days ago

    Tyr wouldn’t be intimidated by Captain Victorious — the fight between them (seen in the last year or so) was basically a draw.

  10. nboady commented on Ink Pen 17 days ago

    Kung Fu Panda was released in the US on June 6, 2008. This particular strip first came on on July 8, 2008. Given the lead time required for a strip to be turned in to the syndicate before publication, it is possible that Dunlap created the name Furious Five (or took it from the hip hop group Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five) before Kung Fu Panda was released.