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  1. nboady commented on Nest Heads about 4 hours ago

    Huckleberry Hound is a character you don’t see much anymore. I doubt that any kid today would know who he was.

  2. nboady commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn about 5 hours ago

    There have been 2 new Sunday strips this year, so they aren’t all pre-syndication reruns.

  3. nboady commented on Gil 2 days ago

    I guess you didn’t listen to Johnny Cash or the Charlie Daniels Band.

  4. nboady commented on Overboard 4 days ago

    I thought that his cap was green because Raymond was originally part of the Green Ship crew.

  5. nboady commented on Brevity 7 days ago

    Logorama won an Oscar for Best Animated Short in 2009. There’s a lot of interesting action that takes place in the film, but you have to spend more than 2 minutes to get to the good stuff.

    And the film is definitely NSFW because of the language.

  6. nboady commented on On A Claire Day 11 days ago

    I thought that this was resolved in early January strips. Today’s strip does seem odd.

  7. nboady commented on Free Range 11 days ago

    She’s probably crying because she knows that you can’t tie down a banjo man.

  8. nboady commented on Baldo 11 days ago

    If they were fired, Mr Rod would have to do the work — that wasn’t going to happen.

  9. nboady commented on The Norm Classics 13 days ago

    Today’s strip was originally messed up and only a small portion of it was visible. I just went back in to the first run of the Norm 1.0 and linked the first run strip so people could see it. Someone fixed today’s strip so now it is clearly visible.

  10. nboady commented on Pooch Cafe 13 days ago

    All this needs now is to have them go through the “chompers” like in Galaxy Quest