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  1. RoadTrip3500 commented on Liberty Meadows 1 day ago

    Does Grit still publish? Haven’t seen mention for that since comic books in the 70s…

  2. RoadTrip3500 commented on The Meaning of Lila 1 day ago

    My godchildren’s mom still did a French maid for Halloween one year… the kids were all under 5 at the time, so they didn’t really “get it”.

  3. RoadTrip3500 commented on Rose is Rose 1 day ago

    Those bug eyes might scare some kids, Jimbo…

  4. RoadTrip3500 commented on Liberty Meadows 6 days ago

    Haven’t seen a split like that since JC Van Damme was chillin’ between some trucks…

  5. RoadTrip3500 commented on Garfield Classics 9 days ago

    A couple of years after this strip originally ran, I was 16 and upstairs babysitting for my neighbors. I somehow got into a stare-down with their cat in the living room. After about a minute, he climbed up into my lap and literally slapped me across the face with a front paw. So I very lightly (just two fingers) slapped him back. He looked at me as if to give the famous John Belushi Samurai line “Hey man, I dig where your coming from”, walked off, and he was completely cool with me after that :)

  6. RoadTrip3500 commented on Stone Soup Classics 10 days ago

    The better punch line from the cashier: “Need a shovel?”

  7. RoadTrip3500 commented on Stone Soup Classics 16 days ago

    Wait a few decades, Holly – you’ll understand then.

  8. RoadTrip3500 commented on Garfield 20 days ago

    A spider who actually has 8 legs instead of the more-convenient-to-draw 6…

  9. RoadTrip3500 commented on Stone Soup Classics 22 days ago

    Try jumper cables.

  10. RoadTrip3500 commented on Luann 26 days ago

    Ummm, Luann? Since you’re single, Gunther could simply be your guest to the wedding…