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  1. l_billington commented on Luann over 5 years ago

    The scenario where Brad marries Toni and they adopt Shannon is similar to what I thought would happen in For Better or Worse—-where Elizabeth would end up adopting that boy (Jesse) who was one of her students up north. All the hints were there. But it didn’t happen—at least the first time around. Interesting to see if, as the story unfolds again,that the author will change the script, as she hinted she might.

  2. l_billington commented on Doonesbury almost 7 years ago

    Hey, pschearer, I’ve got a better idea. Let’s just ship out all the straight men.

  3. l_billington commented on FoxTrot Classics almost 7 years ago

    To 611kwel: It’s unlikely that having a cold and doing food preparation is going to make anybody sick. Even if the cook sneezes on the food, the virus particles are going to be killed by the acids produced in the stomach. Colds are transmitted when virus-laden water vapor is exhaled by someone who is sick, and is then inhaled by someone else; the virus enters the body through the mucous membranes of the nose and windpipe. The reason that winter is considered a cold and flu season is that people are more likely to be indoors and inhaling the same air that people with colds are exhaling. So if Andie is living in the same house as the others, the chance is excellent that they’ll catch her cold, even if she stayed out of the kitchen.

  4. l_billington commented on Doonesbury over 7 years ago

    EScott2U’s comment about “where I can smoke” makes me wonder what is is about smokers and pet owners that make them blind to what effect they have on others. You don’t have the right to pollute the air with your secondhand smoke and your cat doesn’t have the right to bleeep on my lawn.

    And EScott2U, you forgot to list “tell me what consenting adult I’m able to marry”.