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  1. The_Floodhunter commented on Scary Gary almost 6 years ago

    @WebSpider: Seriously what would Gary reap? At least that’s assuming we’re gonna bar what’s left of his masculinity or Leopold’s patients.

  2. The_Floodhunter commented on The Argyle Sweater about 6 years ago

    Richard, sorry for the late response, but I don’t have to do any talking. Let the bullets from my rifle do the talking. Mankind isn’t superior in strength, but in intelligence and form I guess. (In other words, we have hands and can make tools, etc. And we’re smart enough to use tools to make other tools and get to where we are today).

    Now if you’re walking alone in the woods or some other bear-infested area without proper defense measures, then you deserve whatever the grizzly’s bringing. Also, let me know when you see a bunch of grizzlies team up and overthrow us as the dominant race of the planet.

  3. The_Floodhunter commented on The Argyle Sweater about 6 years ago

    God gave us dominion over the animals, or evolution made us superior, whichever you prefer.

  4. The_Floodhunter commented on Scary Gary about 6 years ago

    As my friends would say: If you hit a pedestrian, does that still count as 2 points? Still, I could think of worse. (Just say that you don’t want to ride in my car lol).

    And yes, most of my friends have very sick minds.

  5. The_Floodhunter commented on Brewster Rockit about 6 years ago

    Trebor39, I may be wrong, but I think so. IIRC the female lays eggs alone. IIRC, one of the novels (though it’s been a lot of years) said that if the Queen was lost, a powerful drone (normal alien) would go through some weird, massive hormonal shift and become the new queen. Thus, more implied than said, asexual reproduction.

    And in this case? I think we can manage–Brewster will be the new “father” instead. He’s fresh meat, after all.

    PS: You guys have no idea about the egg situation and how close Queens are to them….

  6. The_Floodhunter commented on The Argyle Sweater about 6 years ago

    these spammers! Second day in a row I’ve caught a night owl. It’s been a while since I registered, but you’d think GC would have a better way to filter these things. (I’m not criticizing the site itself, as much as I’m wondering if there’s a better way than to constantly have the admins/mods running around putting out fires instead of somehow killing the source. Of course, metaphorically speaking in that sense).

  7. The_Floodhunter commented on Shoe about 6 years ago

    Keep your eyes open late. Spammers still coming. Personally, I’m also surprised we haven’t gotten a dozen political argument comments.

    Anyway good comic lol. That’s one of the many reasons I love Shoe–they can very often return to an old gag and make a new joke that’s just as funny as all the others.

  8. The_Floodhunter commented on Speed Bump over 6 years ago

    Sally, I got the XYZ. And I’m only 21.

    And believe it or not, texting is at times useful for brief message, e.g. “when do we meet” as opposed to spending 2 minutes making a voice message. Then it’s easier for the other person to simply read the message without having to answer the phone, dial into voicemail, etc. and respond at a convenient time and the other guy to read the response than playing phone tag. Of course, most people overuse it though.

    If that doesn’t help to explain the use of texting, consider it this way: it’s IMing from any location without a computer. (But, again, both are very often overused).

  9. The_Floodhunter commented on Brewster Rockit over 6 years ago

    Why can we not have a fun comic without politics? Go to State of the Union or some other comic. This isn’t even political. Gosh, it’s BS from people like 3hourtour that ruins the good humor of these comics due to the flame wars they start.

    I’d make some puns on this, but they’re all gross and most probably wouldn’t get them.

  10. The_Floodhunter commented on Brewster Rockit over 6 years ago

    That’s why the average space slug prefers Mini Fleets. Haven’t you seen the commercials? (Mini-Fleets is a reference to a much older Sunday comic).