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  1. PeterL commented on Frank & Ernest 5 days ago

    Hey, politicians and advertisers do this sort of exaggerating all the time. And people believe them! Ernest should run for office or work for an ad agency.

  2. PeterL commented on Peanuts Begins 6 days ago

    I like reading these old strips. I do notice the change in Snoopy, though. Here he has the flat head and pointed snout. Later he has the rounded, shorter snout and tall rounded head. Must be the increase in brain power swelled his head.

  3. PeterL commented on Baldo 6 days ago

    You can have the ’59 and ’60 models, I prefer the ’64 or the ’57. Never liked those huge sideways fins.

  4. PeterL commented on Frank & Ernest 6 days ago

    Looks like one of the roadside warning signs. If I saw a sunrise like that, I’d go back to bed.

  5. PeterL commented on Baldo 8 days ago

    ¡Qué listo, Baldo!

  6. PeterL commented on Calvin and Hobbes 8 days ago

    I find this arc ironic considering the sled rides Calvin takes.

  7. PeterL commented on Baldo 18 days ago

    “Lucy, You’ve got some spleening to do” (to paraphrase another Latin character.)

  8. PeterL commented on Baldo 18 days ago

    In Spain it’s Tuesday the 7th, or so the Spanish textbook I used to use for teaching said.

  9. PeterL commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    I know several men who were bald before age 50, like my BIL who started at age 25. So Sergio’s follicly-challenged head is not so unusual for someone his age. Oh, and I am 58 with a full head of hair, but it is almost all grey, unlike Sergio’s totally black hair. But as my BIL said, better grey than bald.

  10. PeterL commented on Baldo about 1 month ago

    Es bueno que usted aprenda a hablar español. Soy profesor de español y noté un error común en su comentario: en español, los nombres de lenguas no se escriben con letra mayúscula (capitol letter).