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  1. PeterL commented on Gil 6 days ago

    I think it’s a four-plex, with two apartments on each floor.

  2. PeterL commented on Gil 17 days ago

    You mean there isn’t a channel button on that old TV?

  3. PeterL commented on Claw 27 days ago

    Alliterative! In Spanish this would be an alliteration also:
    ¡Unicornios con uni-cejas, unan ustedes!

  4. PeterL commented on Frank & Ernest 2 months ago

    Don’t forget the GPS.

  5. PeterL commented on Gil 3 months ago

    I know someone who just peeled off the colors and put them back on.

  6. PeterL commented on Frank & Ernest 3 months ago

    Robots would be better for American football, since it is so hard on the body. Baseball, however, is a game of strategy. And those who think it boring don’t understand the psychological dual between the pitcher and the batter.

  7. PeterL commented on Gil 3 months ago

    Everyone understands the concept except the “feel good”, self-esteem builders who give out the participant awards.

  8. PeterL commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Actually, you can tell the tourists in NYC because they are all looking up at the tall buildings instead of looking straight ahead while walking.

  9. PeterL commented on The Buckets 3 months ago

    There is an alternative to getting older, but few want that choice.

  10. PeterL commented on Gil 3 months ago

    I think children who are allowed to get muddy and dirty have stronger immune systems when they grow up. It’s unscientific to say, but it worked for me.