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  1. Kit Walker commented on Alley Oop 2 months ago

    For a boat offshore, it certainly is spacious.

  2. Kit Walker commented on Legend of Bill 5 months ago

    And so, we start anew. Perhaps by the time this reprise reaches the last published episode, Dave will have figured out what’s important to him and at least finish the story arc rather than leave us hanging like the last nine months.

  3. Kit Walker commented on Dick Tracy 5 months ago

    I always taught that: “Once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, but three time IS a conspiracy.”

  4. Kit Walker commented on Alley Oop 6 months ago

    Anyone else notice that “Frog Applause” has been updated?

  5. Kit Walker commented on Baldo 6 months ago

    The cake is a lie.

  6. Kit Walker commented on Zack Hill 8 months ago

    In some states, the driving school is online. You can pay for some actual driving instruction or practice on your own with an adult, then take the driving test.

  7. Kit Walker commented on Big Nate 8 months ago

    The only difference I see between the new public school buildings and prisons, is that the prisoners do not get to go home at night.

  8. Kit Walker commented on Brewster Rockit 9 months ago

    The secret is to start a liquid diet about three days before the “cleanse.” It won’t keep you off the porcelain pony, but it will make it more tolerable.

  9. Kit Walker commented on Legend of Bill 11 months ago

    I may be mistaken, but the lack of communication on twitter, facebook and the website, smacks of a Corey Pandolph burnout.

  10. Kit Walker commented on Over the Hedge about 1 year ago

    You should check out the mating habits of the porcupine. If that was a female, she might have thought Verne was attempting to woo her.