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  1. cryptomaniac commented on Bound and Gagged 22 days ago

    Just enrol him in the crash course!

  2. cryptomaniac commented on Luann 23 days ago

    The contest is to design Toni’s wedding dress, not Luann’s Maid of Honour dress… and the last date is 3rd October to submit the design – it shows up in the panel above the strip.

  3. cryptomaniac commented on Luann Againn 26 days ago

    Say, Bernice, what about you?! I even have a slogan for you: “Feel the Bern!”… jus’ sayin’!! :)

  4. cryptomaniac commented on Pearls Before Swine 26 days ago

    God, he’s good!

  5. cryptomaniac commented on Big Top 26 days ago

    And then again, maybe not..

  6. cryptomaniac commented on Scary Gary 29 days ago

    As a PRO member, redwinger2015 and others have unlimited access to old strips. This “find” would be the result of a quick search with the relevant tags. Also, ALL Scary Gary strips are re-runs on GoComics. Great to see this strip in colour, though!

  7. cryptomaniac commented on Andy Capp about 1 month ago

    Hello Number Six, you can count on my support for your cause…

    I am from the state of Telangana in India. Hope that makes me your first supporter from Asia?! All the very best.

  8. cryptomaniac commented on Pearls Before Swine about 1 month ago

    Pig – at your cervix…

  9. cryptomaniac commented on Wizard of Id Classics about 1 month ago

    That’s what I’d call a stinging reply!

  10. cryptomaniac commented on Luann Againn about 1 month ago