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  1. bfrg1513 commented on 1 and Done 4 days ago

    Good one!

  2. bfrg1513 commented on Maria's Day 5 days ago

    “‘Native Americans’ is a very imprecise term….” Good point. I hadn’t ever thought of it that way.

  3. bfrg1513 commented on Making It 7 days ago

    Calm down. It’s not about the victims, it’s about Carson.

  4. bfrg1513 commented on Herb and Jamaal 9 days ago


  5. bfrg1513 commented on Holiday Doodles 10 days ago

    Wookiee LIfe Day? Can’t even imagine what that celebration might be like.

  6. bfrg1513 commented on The Norm 4.0 11 days ago

    What fun! I’d be like Reine and have to be reminded whether soft shell is on even or odd numbered days. If my husband ever cooked tacos.

  7. bfrg1513 commented on Frankie Comics 14 days ago

    Thanks, I did! And you’re right about the “temporary hiatus”. I"m also waiting for the Lost Side of Surburbia to restart.

  8. bfrg1513 commented on The Flying McCoys 14 days ago

    “Another medical study since proven wrong.”
    Exactly. Now the comics writers need to catch up. Eating cholesterol just gets it digested. Your body makes it’s own from the carbs you eat.

  9. bfrg1513 commented on Sarah's Scribbles 20 days ago

    Thanks for the link — so much fun! I’ve never heard of him, but now I have a bunch of videos to watch!

  10. bfrg1513 commented on Whiteouts 21 days ago

    Thanks for responding. I like your humor. Hope you get “promoted” or “syndicated” or whatever the lingo is.