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  1. bfrg1513 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 5 hours ago

    The citizens of Arlington, TX, sure could use that 3rd coupon (4th panel) right now!!

  2. bfrg1513 commented on Pearls Before Swine about 5 hours ago

    Catching up on my comics, but had to post my pet peeve. I hate the use of the word “issue” instead of “problem”.

  3. bfrg1513 commented on Eyebeam 2 days ago

    And trying to remember the name of the person who told you the story even though I don’t know them, and where you were when you were told the story …

  4. bfrg1513 commented on Brain Squirts 3 days ago

    “Plan” is a 4-letter word in my house.

  5. bfrg1513 commented on Heart of the City 13 days ago

    Would love to know what non-grocery-store olives taste like. Black from a can and green from a jar is all I know. And I like green a lot better than black.

  6. bfrg1513 commented on Aunty Acid 13 days ago

    Wow, we’re all older than s—-. My kids were born before email was invented (1972).

  7. bfrg1513 commented on The Born Loser 14 days ago


  8. bfrg1513 commented on Frazz 15 days ago

    Yes, Laynegg has it. Except there should be lots of pecans in that frosting.

  9. bfrg1513 commented on Truth Facts 16 days ago

    I went to Disneyland as a child soon after it first opened, and it was truly magical. I don’t want to go back, because I’m sure it’s changed. I just want to keep the memories.

  10. bfrg1513 commented on Frazz 16 days ago

    Love this — so good!