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Pibgorn by Brooke McEldowney


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  1. bfrg1513 commented on Agnes about 17 hours ago

    Thank you. I couldn’t keep it straight which did what.

  2. bfrg1513 commented on Making It about 1 month ago

    So where is that bug, and can I tap into it??

  3. bfrg1513 commented on Dark Side of the Horse about 1 month ago

    The horse isn’t so dark today. Nice one!

  4. bfrg1513 commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    I got Darth Vader, too. Makes no sense — I’m a typical grandmotherly type. Are the results just randomized?

  5. bfrg1513 commented on Kitchen Capers 2 months ago

    Had to look up rocket leaves — it’s arugula in the US. The recipe sounds tasty!

  6. bfrg1513 commented on Haiku Ewe 2 months ago

    Great! Thank you!

  7. bfrg1513 commented on Holiday Doodles 2 months ago

    Hot chocolate, maybe, but not frozen yogurt today!

  8. bfrg1513 commented on Haiku Ewe 2 months ago

    The comments here are always as good as the comic. (Sorry, I tried, but I can’t put that thought in haiku.) Thanks, everyone!

  9. bfrg1513 commented on Herb and Jamaal 3 months ago

    Not according to the latest research.

  10. bfrg1513 commented on Aunty Acid 3 months ago

    Question: What part of the country says “pee your pants”? It’s incorrect grammar, but something I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Just wondering… (FWIW, the correct grammar is “pee IN your pants”.)