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  1. hankloy commented on Jim Morin about 1 month ago

    Rule number one, never take a knife to a gunfight.
    twclix can think intelligently.

  2. hankloy commented on Rob Rogers 2 months ago

    Both sides do it is your usual answer.
    Does that make it right in your part of texas?
    Can you fertilize a field by talking your way across it?

  3. hankloy commented on Clay Jones 2 months ago

    Also better at making sense than you.
    Can you admit that?

  4. hankloy commented on La Cucaracha 5 months ago


  5. hankloy commented on Ted Rall 5 months ago

    Ted you have all the right wing nut jobs on your side.
    You attack Hillary the same way you did Obama before he was elected.
    Who do you like, besides Ted Rall?

  6. hankloy commented on Matt Wuerker 6 months ago

    You can always rely on Yosemite Sue to come up her both sides do it argument.

  7. hankloy commented on Scott Stantis 7 months ago

    Good one.

  8. hankloy commented on Jim Morin 9 months ago

    I, for one will mock you.

  9. hankloy commented on Michael Ramirez 12 months ago

    Well said.

  10. hankloy commented on La Cucaracha about 1 year ago

    You lived in that county and have trouble spelling it??