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  1. dflak commented on Non Sequitur about 22 hours ago

    Does it really matter? Either one will be impeached within the year.

    Trump for a violation of the Constitution (it’s only a matter of time since he apparently has no idea what it’s about or what’s in it.).

    Hillary for her criminal activities unless she manages to further suppress and otherwise destroy with impunity the evidence against her.

  2. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler about 23 hours ago

    The good news is that discrimination against black people is on the decline. The bad news it’s being replaced with hatred of foreigners, people of the “wrong” religion and those with an “immoral” sexual orientation.

    I guess people are capable of only so much hate, so they have to “spread it around” like manure.

  3. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler about 23 hours ago

    I grew up in the 1950s and 60s. I do remember what it was like then.

    I thought segregation was over. Apparently not. Instead of Each life matters, we’ve divided ourselves in to segregated groups again.

  4. dflak commented on Non Sequitur 4 days ago

    I have the honor of never leaving a company I’ve joined. They’ve either left me (gone under) or got bought out.

  5. dflak commented on Off the Mark 4 days ago

    We had a golden retriever; best dog we ever had. I saw what the dog ate, and I saw what came out the other end. In the course of the day, he’d shed twice the difference in fur. The dog should have been bald. My conjecture was that the dog was capable of photosynthesis.

    In the morning we’d ask people how they liked our hardwood floors. By late afternoon, we’d be asking them how the liked our deep-pile orange shag carpet.

  6. dflak commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    Nice to know that the nagging wife goes back that far.

  7. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 5 days ago

    Bush senior and I have the same opinion on broccoli. I’ve tried every possible way to eat it and am sure that there is nothing one can do to it to make it fit for human consumption.

    But I’m a masochist. I’ll still try a piece every now and then. It still tastes as bad as I always remember it.

  8. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 5 days ago

    Clinton didn’t make George H a one-term president. George H did that when siding with the right wing.

  9. dflak commented on Moderately Confused 5 days ago

    You can not get a tax deduction for donating blood. The IRS does not want competition.

  10. dflak commented on Moderately Confused 5 days ago

    I do that, but when they replace the plasma, it’s literally a chilling experience. It feels funny breathing in air warmer than what you exhale.