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  1. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler about 12 hours ago

    As the old saying goes, “Ask me no questions, I’ll tell you no lies.”

    The Clintons are liars. Bill was even impeached for it. They have a double standard. There are rules (subject to change daily on the whim of the Clintons) for the Clintons then there are rules for everyone else.

    The Clinton’s like the Kennedys before them are “sacred cows” they are untouchable by both the Democratic Party and the press.

    Last week it was time to dump on Herr Trump and his merry band of brown shirts; this week it’s Hillary (Clinton)’s turn.

  2. dflak commented on Moderately Confused about 12 hours ago

    Jailbreaking voids the warranty.

  3. dflak commented on FoxTrot Classics about 13 hours ago

    I think part of the issue today is either commercial pressure or peer pressure to have kids grow up too fast. Back in my day kids of both genders played games together up until the age of about 10. Most of the games were coed.

    Then the girls started doing “girl stuff” which was boring for us boys and we lost interest in the girls. A different kind of interest sort of came along several years later. What was good about the situation was that these were the same girls we played games with as kids, so we didn’t have to play games with them as adolescents.

  4. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    There’s a very good possibility that the House and Senate will remain in the R’s hands. I don’t want an R president under these conditions.

    The last time we had one party in charge of both houses and the presidency we wound up with Obamacare: AKA the Non-affordable Health Care Act. It could have worked if they let nurses draft it instead of lawyers and insurance company executives.

    An all-R government would be a disaster unless you believe in the supremacy of white, male, heterosexual, English-speaking, better than second-generation American without disabilities, Christians.

  5. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 1 day ago

    A couple of more scandals on the D side of the house and this could become a reality.

  6. dflak commented on Moderately Confused 1 day ago

    My wife and I bought an industrial-strength, use-in-a-diner, coffee machine. The first one just died after 20 years of service. “TONKA II” (so named for its durability) is now working. If it lasts as long as the last one, I’ll be 87 by the time it gives up the ghost … or maybe I will first.

    It scares me that I am now buying things that may outlast me.

  7. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 4 days ago

    It’s unfair to compare Trump to Hitler. Hitler was a better politician, a more articulate orator, much better statesman, and a league ahead in class, In other words, Hitler was much more likable.

  8. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 4 days ago

    “Everything is terrible and I alone can fix it.” – Trump

    Ein volk, ein Riech, ein FURHER! – Hitler

  9. dflak commented on Non Sequitur 5 days ago

    I don’t think we’ll ever have another king named Larry. Nor do I think we’ll ever have another president named Grover.

  10. dflak commented on Jeff Stahler 5 days ago

    To paraphrase Will Rogers, “I’m not a member of any organized political party; I’m a Republican.”