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  1. iantheevil commented on The Elderberries 8 days ago

    Probably due to the strip having ended years ago (in re-runs), combined with a lot of people maybe not giving a strip about a senior’s home a chance.

  2. iantheevil commented on MythTickle 14 days ago

    Strictly speaking sand is inorganic and is made of chemicals…

  3. iantheevil commented on Pooch Cafe 24 days ago

    I think this confirms my theory that goldfish hasn’t survived all his misadventures with Poncho and in fact there have been several different goldfish in that bowl.

  4. iantheevil commented on Cul de Sac 2 months ago

    I can relate to this with the amount of stuff my daughter has to bring home from pre-school every week, all of which of course must be kept forever.

  5. iantheevil commented on Get Fuzzy 6 months ago

    Strawberries (or at least the tops), on the other hand, seem to have a similar effect to catnip on my cat.

  6. iantheevil commented on The Elderberries 7 months ago

    Since these are several years old it’s a bit late to request an artist change, Jim. This may have been around the time Phil Frank started to get sick, I think it’s still from a few months before Pandolph took over though I could be wrong.

  7. iantheevil commented on The Elderberries 11 months ago

    Only in America could they take the worst health care system in the developed world, attempt to reform it, and end up with something equally bad in whole new ways.

  8. iantheevil commented on Legend of Bill 11 months ago

    Great news for LoB fans: http://legendofbill.com/2014/09/18/news-update-lob-is-back/

  9. iantheevil commented on Barkeater Lake about 1 year ago

    Probably because it was never finished?

  10. iantheevil commented on The Elderberries over 1 year ago

    I think they did another of those “jump back several months” on this strip instead of just continuing through the full run for a change.