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  1. pamwheatfree commented on Agnes about 1 month ago

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and I want to tell you that Agnes makes me appreciate how good my childhood really was.

  2. pamwheatfree commented on The Other Coast 3 months ago

    Some varieties of squirrels are ground squirrels, they look a bit like chipmunks but don’t have the racing stripes.

  3. pamwheatfree commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    As I recently found out with my own bike, they are easily disabled if you bend the tire valve too far over and rip the rubber inner tube.

  4. pamwheatfree commented on Cow and Boy Classics 6 months ago

    Yes, they use a pheromone signal. I was once able to scrape all the fire ants off of me before getting a single sting because they had not yet given the signal. I used the gravel in the road. We were berry picking.

  5. pamwheatfree commented on Pearls Before Swine 8 months ago

    My husband and I had receptions for friends in different cities two years after we got married. We didn’t tell anybody at all when we actually got married so everyone thought they were going to a reception for a recent event.

  6. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 10 months ago

    The best way to keep cats off counters is to put books or magazines on the edges of them slightly hanging off. This way when the cat attempts to jump on the counter the magazine will fall startling the cat and proving that the edge is unstable. It is the only way I have found that works when you aren’t home. After about a week you don’t have to do it anymore since the cat has learned by then that the edges of the counter are unstable for jumping on.

  7. pamwheatfree commented on F Minus 10 months ago

    Estivation: 1. Zoology A state of dormancy or torpor during a hot dry period.
    2. Botany The arrangement of the floral parts in a bud.
    3. The act of spending or passing the summer.

  8. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 11 months ago

    These are already reruns of comics that Georgia wrote last year. She is currently on maternity leave with her second child which should be born in the next few days. The comic you see here ran in September of last year so gocomics will not stop running these, they will just catch up to the original website.

  9. pamwheatfree commented on Over the Hedge 11 months ago

    They unzipped their fur coat and turtle shell and washed them I presume.

  10. pamwheatfree commented on Skin Horse 11 months ago

    Sorry guys, we just let those little things build up until we explode.