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  1. pamwheatfree commented on F Minus 7 days ago

    Estivation: 1. Zoology A state of dormancy or torpor during a hot dry period.
    2. Botany The arrangement of the floral parts in a bud.
    3. The act of spending or passing the summer.

  2. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 16 days ago

    These are already reruns of comics that Georgia wrote last year. She is currently on maternity leave with her second child which should be born in the next few days. The comic you see here ran in September of last year so gocomics will not stop running these, they will just catch up to the original website.

  3. pamwheatfree commented on Over the Hedge about 1 month ago

    They unzipped their fur coat and turtle shell and washed them I presume.

  4. pamwheatfree commented on Skin Horse about 1 month ago

    Sorry guys, we just let those little things build up until we explode.

  5. pamwheatfree commented on Cow and Boy Classics about 1 month ago

    Stop taunting, it’s snowing here this morning.

  6. pamwheatfree commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    Thank you for the info on the tables that will be turning.

  7. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 2 months ago

    This is the 4th of July strip from last year, see how it says 2014 on it. For some reason gocomics is running these about 6 months behind the current strips. It does mean that they are always posted on time and the current ones do not always make it first thing in the morning due to real life and children and stuff like that.

  8. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 3 months ago

    Love the agitated tail on Elvis. Apparently sewing is not an approved activity.

  9. pamwheatfree commented on Frazz 3 months ago

    As someone who bikes all winter in whatever weather, -30 Celcius, it is really important to learn how to switch gears and brake wearing mitts.

  10. pamwheatfree commented on Breaking Cat News 4 months ago

    Yes, Puck only has three legs. There is a website for this comic but don’t go there because gocomics is running old ones and you will be months ahead if you read them all.