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  1. Ji2m commented on Bob the Squirrel about 14 hours ago

    Happy birthday Bob!

  2. Ji2m commented on Robert Ariail about 14 hours ago

    God help us…

  3. Ji2m commented on Prickly City 1 day ago

    Jeb Bush sexually assaulted a string of women?

  4. Ji2m commented on Ken Catalino 1 day ago

    That wealthy actor won’t be making any movies in France… So other French actors who may not yet be famous, will have fewer opportunities to get discovered. The French make-up artists will have less opportunity to earn a living. The French support staff such as grips, and runners will earn less. The French caterers will have less work. There will be less work and opportunity for the French set builders, the French wardrobe suppliers, the French gaffers, the French camera operators, and so on, and so on… Yep, socialist France is just one big utopia…

  5. Ji2m commented on Ken Catalino 3 days ago

    Everyone in France are just happy as clams, eh? Tell that to Gérard Depardieu

  6. Ji2m commented on Over the Hedge 3 days ago

    Nutters, the snow squirrel…

  7. Ji2m commented on Ken Catalino 4 days ago

    Let’s hope you’ll never find out that he would actually have to put exorbitant taxes on the 51%…

  8. Ji2m commented on Ken Catalino 5 days ago

    Commanding, active duty generals will never publicly criticize the CIC. In the military, if you think someone in your chain of command is making boneheaded mistakes you address it with them in private… Retired, or former generals are a different matter. For instance… and another and so on… Of course, the lapdog so-called news outlets would never dream of embarassing the dear leader.

  9. Ji2m commented on Robert Ariail 7 days ago

    She just got Berned! If the country is so far gone that we would actually elect an avowed socialist, then God help us…

  10. Ji2m commented on Ken Catalino 7 days ago