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Dog Eat Doug by Brian Anderson

Dog Eat Doug

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  1. keltii commented on Dog Eat Doug about 12 hours ago

    I started singing rag-time gal too!

  2. keltii commented on Wizard of Id 4 days ago

    thats what you get for handing out toothbrushes.

  3. keltii commented on Thatababy 4 days ago

    Carrie, telekinesis, kills them all because they tricked her into going to the prom them doused her with pigs blood. Firestarter, 8 yr old sets fires with her mind when you anger her. two different movies.

  4. keltii commented on Animal Crackers 8 days ago

    To explore new yard sales, to seek out flea markets, and new used stores, to boldly go and spend…..

  5. keltii commented on Zack Hill 10 days ago

    Its the Harambe effect? (the gorilla that was killed)

  6. keltii commented on For Better or For Worse 13 days ago

    sounds like he is starting to build the train set platforms?

  7. keltii commented on Dog Eat Doug 13 days ago

    beautiful as always Brian!

  8. keltii commented on The Barn 14 days ago

    I did that once in the 90’s, pushed the coin return, and “jingle jingle jingle”!! Almost $3 in quarters came out! Must of been a glitch. I didn’t mind.

  9. keltii commented on Adam@Home 14 days ago

    This is leading up to a Halloween coffee “Stephen King the shining” thing?

  10. keltii commented on Fowl Language 15 days ago

    I used to say, “fine kill each other, just don’t make a mess” amazingly, they’re both still alive.