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  1. Ceceee commented on Doonesbury over 2 years ago

    And for Google.

  2. Ceceee commented on On A Claire Day almost 3 years ago

    Speaking of opening music, I STILL miss the full “Masterpiece Theatre” theme, combined with the video sequence that lovingly moved over mementoes of series past.

  3. Ceceee commented on Prickly City almost 3 years ago

    I second that.

  4. Ceceee commented on Prickly City almost 3 years ago

    Nothing about that on his blog or anywhere online. But I agree, it makes me nervous too.

  5. Ceceee commented on Shoe about 3 years ago

    Yep. How hard is it to learn to the correct grammar if you’re going to try Ye Olde English? Just look it up. Or get thyself a King James Bible and follow the examples.

    Yea, verily, the “Thoust” should be “Thy” and the “Ye” shoud be “Thou.”

  6. Ceceee commented on Brewster Rockit about 3 years ago

    This is a job for all the king’s horses and all the king’s men.

  7. Ceceee commented on Shoe over 3 years ago

    I woke up this afternoon,
    I saw both cars were gone.
    I woke up this afternoon,
    I saw both cars were gone.
    I feel so low-down deep inside
    I threw my drink across the lawn.
    —Martin Mull, Ukulele Blues

  8. Ceceee commented on Red and Rover over 3 years ago

    Not even jump rope? Well, that was for the girls, but still…I’m talking the kind that you have one person at either end turning the rope, and one or two jumping in the middle, to a rhyme. Then there was Chinese jump rope, which involved a big elastic loop.

  9. Ceceee commented on Brewster Rockit over 3 years ago

    Healthy eating IMHO is not any one dish but the overall balance, habit and pattern. Allergies aside, there is room in any diet for an occasional treat.

  10. Ceceee commented on Frazz over 3 years ago

    That “Turkey In The Straw” noise on ice cream trucks is just pure evil. It makes me want to destroy, and I’m not that type of person. Putting a copy of the city ordinance under the nose of the the driver does not always stop them. I’m happy to leave it to the roofers if they’ll step up.

    When I was a kid the ice cream trucks just rang a bell “jingle, jingle, jingle” and all the kids heard it perfectly well and came running.