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  1. GustawR commented on Stuart Carlson 5 months ago

    Macri fresh air? He’s the same same and toxic air of Latin America 90s.

  2. GustawR commented on FoxTrot 5 months ago

    Cyanide & Happiness!

  3. GustawR commented on Nick Anderson 9 months ago

    How many mass shootings in the UK in the last 10 years?

  4. GustawR commented on Signe Wilkinson 11 months ago

    But he’s ours.

  5. GustawR commented on Ted Rall about 1 year ago

    @John Locke:
    So for you heterosexual promiscuity is OK.

  6. GustawR commented on Over the Hedge over 1 year ago

    Strange (octagonal) snowflakes. Water chrystals are hexagonal.

  7. GustawR commented on Signe Wilkinson almost 2 years ago

    Jorge Bergoglio was a conservative cardinal from Argentina, Pope Francis is anything but conservative. Looks as a change that surprised a lot of people.

  8. GustawR commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 2 years ago

    1-Job 6:16
    2-Job 38:29
    3-Psalm 147:17

  9. GustawR commented on Ben Sargent over 2 years ago

    You can’t be serious.

  10. GustawR commented on Ben Sargent over 2 years ago

    It worked in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, didn’t it?