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  1. GustawR commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    @John Locke:
    So for you heterosexual promiscuity is OK.

  2. GustawR commented on Over the Hedge 7 months ago

    Strange (octagonal) snowflakes. Water chrystals are hexagonal.

  3. GustawR commented on Signe Wilkinson 10 months ago

    Jorge Bergoglio was a conservative cardinal from Argentina, Pope Francis is anything but conservative. Looks as a change that surprised a lot of people.

  4. GustawR commented on Tom the Dancing Bug over 1 year ago

    1-Job 6:16
    2-Job 38:29
    3-Psalm 147:17

  5. GustawR commented on Ben Sargent over 1 year ago

    You can’t be serious.

  6. GustawR commented on Ben Sargent over 1 year ago

    It worked in Texas, Arizona, Colorado, California, New Mexico, didn’t it?

  7. GustawR commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    Nuff said.
    Agent 99: Oh, Max, how terrible.

    Maxwell Smart: He deserved it, 99. He was a KAOS killer.

    Agent 99: Sometimes I wonder if we’re any better, Max.

    Maxwell Smart: What are you talking about, 99? We have to shoot and kill and destroy. We represent everything that’s wholesome and good in the world.

  8. GustawR commented on PC and Pixel over 1 year ago

    Pirhana? What’s that?

  9. GustawR commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    @Debt Free: What you don’t understand about about Newtown (and all the other massacres in the USA) is that the free availability of guns is central to that kind of behaviour, A fraudulent and biased interpretation of the 2nd Ammendment allows any nut case or stupid person to have a gun. And nut casesm stupid people and trigger happy “do-gooders” kill more people than crimunals. That’s the path you chose, enjoy it while it lasts,

  10. GustawR commented on Stuart Carlson over 1 year ago

    There are sick people everywhere in the world. There are criminals too. And there are stupid persons,
    The stupid+the sick easily outnumber de criminals, So to protect normal people from criminals, the USA chose to let everyone, including mentally ill people and people with IQs < 90 to be armed.
    Wise decision!