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  1. Grond123 commented on For Better or For Worse 3 months ago

    I have to say that what this strip depicts is completely inappropriate. Grabbing a child by the collar, pointing and yelling in their face. If you did this to another adult it would be simple battery. What bothers me more is that only one other person on the board even batted an eye. And before you say anything I am a 51 year old father of three children, two in their 20’s and one in his teens. I know how frustrating it can get, but this is out of line.

  2. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup about 1 year ago

    Gwinnett County, Georgia. School started back today. Not so in love with August as we used to be.

  3. Grond123 commented on Non Sequitur about 1 year ago

    The “lake” at the north pole was a melt water pond that was never more than 2’ deep and 150’ across. It sat on top of at least 3’ of ice and disappeared on July 29th. It is a normal part of the arctic climate in the summer when the sun shines 24/7. Today’s headline “North Pole Sees Unprecedented July Cold – Arctic Sees Shortest Summer On Record”, but you won’t hear the global warming cult talking about that.

  4. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup almost 2 years ago

    You must be from the Atlanta area. I grew up in, and still work in the county you are referring to. It’s hard not being christian in the bible belt.

  5. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup about 2 years ago

    School starts earlier in Georgia. Our boys started last Monday and some systems at the first of August. We don’t Love August. It’s hot, the kids are in school and traffic’s a bear.

  6. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup over 2 years ago

    Although I can’t speak about the level of care, there is nothing wrong with the VA existing to provide care for soldiers, veterans and their families. It’s a benefit that is granted to those who put it all on the line for our country for very little money or recognition. I do have a problem with those who think “For no other reason than that I exist, I deserve the product of someone else’s efforts at no cost to me. If they won’t give it to me, someone should make them.”

  7. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup over 2 years ago

    To answer Val’s question, no one’s situation gives them the right to demand time, service or money from another or to use the government to do the same. Universal Healthcare depends on services or funds be extorted from some to provide to others. It’s an unreasonable, unsustainable pipe dream. To paraphrase Margaret Thatcher, the problem with Universal Healthcare is that eventually you will run out of other peoples money or there will be no doctors when they are forced to practice for little or no money.

    I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine. – Johh Galt

  8. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup over 2 years ago

    I love this strip and have been reading it for years, however it does tend to drift to the left from time to time. If it’s going to start being an “in your face” forum for the leftist agenda, I will be moving on. If Jan wants to use it for that, she should also have characters that answer her questions and provide a balacned view.

  9. Grond123 commented on Stone Soup over 2 years ago

    Winter Solstice, also known as Yule, is one of four sabbats for pagans and Wiccans. The other three being the summer solstice and the two equinoxes. Yule celebrates the the rebirth of the Lord and the Lady’s rest for the winter.

    Thank you for remembering us with this strip. So many times we are left out of other’s thoughts.