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  1. thyasyn commented on Get a Life 3 days ago

    And while you’re at it, pick me up one of them new computer, T…R…S-80 I think they call it from Radio Shack! Stat!

  2. thyasyn commented on Thatababy 27 days ago

    Just don’t return to the place again, or someone might spit in your food.

  3. thyasyn commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    This homage to Charlie Brown is ok, I guess.

  4. thyasyn commented on Betty 5 months ago

    I had Looney Toons theme song for my house phone.

  5. thyasyn commented on Baldo 6 months ago

    I don’t quite understand why he is wearing a loin cloth in that drawing. Any ideas?

  6. thyasyn commented on Rose is Rose 6 months ago

    neck wraps, um ummm!

  7. thyasyn commented on Working It Out 6 months ago

    ok, but which one is the teller?

  8. thyasyn commented on The Duplex 6 months ago

    IF you are a yes man, how could you possibly answer that question, I think is the point.

  9. thyasyn commented on Thatababy 7 months ago

    Duck tape was the original spelling, Duct tape only became popular in the 1950s. So much so that by the 1970s a company was able to trademark the old spelling Duck Tape. Really!

  10. thyasyn commented on Barkeater Lake 7 months ago

    Really Cory, I bought all your new collectables because I thought you were heading for comic stardom. Then you starting repeating and you bought into Elder Park. Great I thought, but you then repeated that. Come on Cory, you have it in you, and the fans to support you. Good wishes in the future! I will be watching and hoping. Best wishes.