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  1. thyasyn commented on On A Claire Day 18 days ago

    antenna on the TV. gosh this rerun is getting old.

  2. thyasyn commented on Get a Life 25 days ago

    And while you’re at it, pick me up one of them new computer, T…R…S-80 I think they call it from Radio Shack! Stat!

  3. thyasyn commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    Just don’t return to the place again, or someone might spit in your food.

  4. thyasyn commented on PreTeena 3 months ago

    This homage to Charlie Brown is ok, I guess.

  5. thyasyn commented on Betty 6 months ago

    I had Looney Toons theme song for my house phone.

  6. thyasyn commented on Baldo 7 months ago

    I don’t quite understand why he is wearing a loin cloth in that drawing. Any ideas?

  7. thyasyn commented on Rose is Rose 7 months ago

    neck wraps, um ummm!

  8. thyasyn commented on Working It Out 7 months ago

    ok, but which one is the teller?

  9. thyasyn commented on The Duplex 7 months ago

    IF you are a yes man, how could you possibly answer that question, I think is the point.

  10. thyasyn commented on Thatababy 7 months ago

    Duck tape was the original spelling, Duct tape only became popular in the 1950s. So much so that by the 1970s a company was able to trademark the old spelling Duck Tape. Really!