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  1. Dave commented on JumpStart 10 months ago

    Ya know, that “Check Engine” light never comes on when I actually have engine problems!

  2. Dave commented on La Cucaracha 11 months ago

    Don’t cross any bridges for him.

  3. Dave commented on The Fusco Brothers 11 months ago

    Launching 3 or 4 ships is better than launching none.

  4. Dave commented on Zack Hill 11 months ago

    If Carl is lucky he’ll never figure it out…

  5. Dave commented on Lio 11 months ago

    I had army men during the Viet Nam war. Toymakers blew it- they probably could have sold a lot of little protesters!

  6. Dave commented on The Fusco Brothers 11 months ago

    Maybe he should try this in front of WalMart.

  7. Dave commented on Dog Eat Doug 11 months ago

    Heck – I wish I had a sonic screwdriver!

  8. Dave commented on Brewster Rockit 11 months ago

    At least they didn’t bring home the Doctor.

  9. Dave commented on Committed almost 2 years ago

    THAT’S where my chainsaw went!

  10. Dave commented on Chuckle Bros almost 2 years ago

    The nicer the towel the greater the chance that it will leave with the guest…