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  1. Dave commented on Pluggers 7 months ago

    A new dentist is far worse than a new barber.

  2. Dave commented on Frazz 7 months ago

    Googling “Two Evil Italian Organizations” brings me the Mafia and the Holy See…..

  3. Dave commented on Overboard 8 months ago

    A malevolent vacuum cleaner!

  4. Dave commented on Betty 8 months ago

    Hey! That was a funny movie!

  5. Dave commented on Speed Bump 8 months ago

    Reminds me of “Goodfeathers” from Animaniacs.

  6. Dave commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    Women’s names go out of style much faster than men’s. I’ve never known a Gertrude. It apparently was a very popular name in the 1890s-1920s. You never know, maybe it will come back. But I doubt it.

  7. Dave commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    I don’t think I’d want to be 11 for a quarter of a century. But then again, Nate has more fun than I did at that age!

  8. Dave commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    Plastic model glue contains a certain amount of toluol and publicity about this in the early 70s led many retailers to restrict it’s sale to minors. I had to get my dad to pick it up at the hobby shop for me. Had I wanted to get high I indeed could have just gotten into his lacquer thinner. Later on I had a job in a factory paint department and the thinner would sometimes get to me. But that high is followed by a splitting headache.

  9. Dave commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    Something like this actually happened to me when I was a kid. And yeah, it IS traumatizing!

  10. Dave commented on Big Nate 9 months ago

    Coach John flipped his lid!