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  1. Dave commented on JumpStart 9 months ago

    Ya know, that “Check Engine” light never comes on when I actually have engine problems!

  2. Dave commented on La Cucaracha 9 months ago

    Don’t cross any bridges for him.

  3. Dave commented on The Fusco Brothers 9 months ago

    Launching 3 or 4 ships is better than launching none.

  4. Dave commented on Zack Hill 9 months ago

    If Carl is lucky he’ll never figure it out…

  5. Dave commented on Lio 9 months ago

    I had army men during the Viet Nam war. Toymakers blew it- they probably could have sold a lot of little protesters!

  6. Dave commented on The Fusco Brothers 9 months ago

    Maybe he should try this in front of WalMart.

  7. Dave commented on Dog Eat Doug 9 months ago

    Heck – I wish I had a sonic screwdriver!

  8. Dave commented on Brewster Rockit 9 months ago

    At least they didn’t bring home the Doctor.

  9. Dave commented on Committed almost 2 years ago

    THAT’S where my chainsaw went!

  10. Dave commented on Chuckle Bros almost 2 years ago

    The nicer the towel the greater the chance that it will leave with the guest…