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  1. fontenelle commented on Mike Luckovich 1 day ago

    If the allegations are true, Bill should have kept “Fat Albert” in his pants.

  2. fontenelle commented on Doonesbury 23 days ago

    Meanwhile, Californians are still living with the malignant after affects of 1978’s Prop 13: bad public schools and other public institutions & infrastructure that are shadows of what they were 40 years ago. Worse yet, my property taxes are high. (The original intent of Prop 13 was to protect people as old as I am now.)

  3. fontenelle commented on Tom the Dancing Bug about 1 month ago

    Stockman’ s a genius compared to the people who voted for him.

  4. fontenelle commented on Ziggy 7 months ago

    Ziggy not only can’t afford pants; he can’t afford a flat panel TV…

  5. fontenelle commented on The Knight Life 7 months ago

    Keith doesn’t know that the last human toll taker on the Golden Gate Bridge was laid off over a year ago.

  6. fontenelle commented on Rubes 7 months ago

    He’s a bad mutha…

  7. fontenelle commented on Mike Luckovich 9 months ago

    Razing Arizona, coming soon to cinemas in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Flagstaff, Tucson et al.

  8. fontenelle commented on Non Sequitur 10 months ago

    Any XC skier who needs a chairlift deserves to become polar bear food.

  9. fontenelle commented on Signe Wilkinson over 1 year ago

    Things could be worse for conservatives. Jeff Bezos could have bought the Washington Times and shut it down. That might only annoy one-eighth the number of Washington Post readers (who outnumber Times readers significantly).

  10. fontenelle commented on Nick Anderson over 1 year ago

    Conservatives in the District of Columbia can read the Washington Times for a newspaper with their point of view, assuming that they can still read.