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  1. Quaby commented on Big Nate: First Class 6 days ago

    It’s typical of schoolkids. My favorite was a song;

    Tra la la Boom de hey!
    There is no school today!
    The teacher passed away,
    I shot her yesterday!

    We threw her in the bay,
    She scared the sharks away!
    Tra la la Boom de hey!
    There is no school today!

    Sing that one in school these days and you’re probably expelled and marked forever as a potentially psychotic murderer instead of a kid who’s glad to be out of school and engaging in a little wishful thinking…..though there was the one I called ‘Leadbottom’….

  2. Quaby commented on Baldo 11 days ago

    She has her hair in what we call ‘pig tails’ or ‘pony tails’. If you expand it you can see the rubber band.

  3. Quaby commented on Breaking Cat News 13 days ago

    Beautiful strip. I love the way Elvis’ eyes have an unfocused look, as if he were dead—or sleeping. That was most likely an extremely difficult set of eyes to draw and color, but it is worth it. Made me sleepy, though.,,,,,,,zzzzzzzz

  4. Quaby commented on Ten Cats 14 days ago

    Beviek: I’ve just started watching haunting/paranormal shows within the last month. I LOVE purranormal cattivity. Very creative, thank you for posting

    To everyone who posts, I am a lurker, rarely commenting but intelligent enough to move on if I am not happy with a comic strip rather than harass everyone else for liking it. I love 10 Cats and the commenters. The cat pictures are always amusing to downright FOTFLMAO. But that purranormal cattivity was impressive enough for me to go alllll the way to the end of the comments to say so.

  5. Quaby commented on Bob the Squirrel 14 days ago

    De plane! De plane!!

  6. Quaby commented on Gil 20 days ago

    If Gil was 12 or 14 you’d have a point. He is only 8 years old, on the border of learning the manners of reading birthday cards and thanking w/o prompting from mom. In fact, it seems she has just begun the teaching and still having to guide a lot.

  7. Quaby commented on Bloom County 2015 21 days ago

    I was raised on a leash, there were just 14 months between my brother and I and I wore mom out. Mom told me she was shopping one day, my brother in her arms and me on the leash, when an older woman came up and started berating her for having me on a leash like an animal. Mom told her ’at least I know where my children are.

  8. Quaby commented on Phoebe and Her Unicorn 24 days ago

    I believe Galaxia was the wonderfully ditzy ‘female’ robot in The Bicentennial Man.

  9. Quaby commented on Grand Avenue 24 days ago

    Aside from the childhood staples of tag and such my best friend and I would play Star Trek. I was McCoy and she was Spock. If the third girl on the block, Penny, joined in she was Kirk. I don’t remember playing Lost in Space, Gunsmoke or other shows, just the Star Trek. Could STar Trek have also encouraged the beginnings of role-playing games??

  10. Quaby commented on Cathy 25 days ago

    Sigh, eyeroll. With multiple offers you can start a bidding war, and then it will settle for the price it is really worth.