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  1. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 5 days ago

    When did they pass a constitutional amendment that gave the president power over the budget? Congress controls the purse strings, but the way you’d thinks things are going now, people think the President does.

  2. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 15 days ago

    You do bring up some valid points.
    1) Very small is still possible. It doesn’t eliminate the possibility. Though, from a pragmatic standpoint, I don’t know if this is possible. North Korea is a perfect example of this.
    2) Without this agreement, it would have been the same as what we had in place: continued sanctions. The biggest issue I have is we don’t have an “any time, any where” condition in this program. The IAEA has to jump through flaming hoops to inspect these places. And in addition to the missing “any time, any where” component, they are getting $150 billion funds injected into the country’s treasury.

    I think there could have been a much better deal crafted. We held all the cards, and we gave it all up. The international community played softball while Iran played hardball. Iran is clearly the winner in this scenario. And we didn’t even get our political prisoners back (our Marine, for example). What leverage do we have now to lean on Iran to give them back? Because of the good will we gave them for rolling over and giving them everything they wanted? No, they have no incentive to do anything more.

    It’s just disheartening that our international leaders (especially Obama) were so focused on the “landmark deal” of brokering an agreement that they didn’t want to risk it by saying, “no” to Iran. And it makes the “what if” all that more plausible of an outcome. And that’s got a lot of us very nervous.

  3. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 16 days ago

    To my liberal associates… why don’t we try something to possibly help give you some insight. The “what if” game. Yes, all of us on the Right really want this deal to work and for Iran to behave and that there will be no nukes. But that’s an if. We recognize that it’s an if.

    My counter to you is, “What if they do? What if they bamboozle the IAEA and develop a nuclear weapon?” And the most important part to that question is: What will we do about it? Because by that time, it’s already too late.

    I don’t think any of my conservative colleagues know that it’s going to happen. And I’m pretty certain we hope it doesn’t happen. But once they develop it, and deploy it, it’s too late. Pandora’s Box can’t be unopened. And with the stance that Iran has taken in the past, we know that is something they want to do.

    And here’s the most important question: Why are so many liberals willing to take that gamble? Why is anyone willing to take that gamble? Sure, we may roll 7 or 11 on those dice, but if we come up snake-eyes on that toss, we could see nuclear war in the mideast, or we could see a mushroom cloud over Manhattan. It’s a very big risk that we are taking. And there aren’t enough certainties in this deal to guarantee they can’t develop a nuclear weapon.

    So many liberals are so confident that everything will be okay, but you fail to see the reality of the possibilities that it could come back and seriously bite us in the rear-end. And 9/11 will look like a fire cracker compared to the amount of Americans murdered if they detonate a nuke. Somehow, “I told you so,” won’t really carry enough weight to correct that blunder.

  4. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 16 days ago

    Hah. You clearly have no concept of how effective our troops are in combat. 10,000 Marines could conquer that country without even breaking a sweat. 10,000 American soldiers could hold that country against ISIS. The fact you think otherwise shows how ignorant you are.

    And Braindead, that’s a fantastic point. It was a stupid call by Bush. He should have done nationbuilding, since that’s what helped us bring Japan and Germany to be productive members of the international community. It was foolish and wrong-headed, and I’m quite certain that the Iraqi parliament would have agreed to it if we were helping them rebuild. We could have turned Iraq into a secure ally in the region by helping them rebuild, but no. We didn’t do that. Very short-sighted. Clearly we didn’t learn from the Treaty of Versailles.

    Netizen: I only consider Americans because I am an American, and I can’t speak to the decisions made by other, sovereign nations. I think the entire deal is like playing russian roulette with nukes, but I will only criticize my government because I am an American first. The fact that your argument devolves into name-calling and demeaning attacks shows the tepid nature of your argument.

  5. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 17 days ago

    In Iraq? We should have established a permanent duty station, much like we did in Germany and Japan. 10-15,000 troops at Al Asad Air Base would have been a fantastic stabilizing influence in the entire country. Germany and Japan, both very different from a cultural perspective, appreciate our presence. And I’m pretty certain Iraqis would rather have 10-15,000 troops there more than the ISIS murderers they have now.

  6. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 17 days ago

    Sanctions? Before or after Iran uses up that $150 billion? Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it certainly buys a lot of ways of killing people. Do you honestly think the regime that is dead-set on killing Israelis and Americans is going to give that money back to its people? Do you think they’re going to work on improving whatever craphole systems they have in place for the betterment of their citizenry? Or do you think they’re going to use it to beef up on whatever they think will best be served in their jihad against us?

    It’s not that we aren’t willing to try. It’s that we aren’t willing to trust. But this plan layers trust upon trust of a regime that has explicitly stated it wants us dead. They get to send in samples of their own choosing, and they have their own chain of custody verification. Who verifies their chain of custody? How can we trust that they are being honest with us? To trust Iran is foolhardy, and can lead to us having a nuclear detonation on US or Israeli soil. We are told that they are a toothless dog. I disagree. They are a dog with a muzzle on right now. We take that muzzle off, and they will lash out at whoever they can.

    As to your having a bunch of Iraqis killed during the elections, how many times did we suffer the same fate during our civil rights movement? How many blacks were killed due to intimidation and outright murder for daring to vote? You fail to keep that in perspective. How many murders does our country have every year in Chicago, DC, New York, and LA? The only difference we are seeing is we use bullets, knives, and our hands, where they use bullets, knives, and bombs.

    To answer your question, nametoolong, is to go back a few hundred years. Why did Muslims attack the Christians (like they are doing now) between 623-1050 AD? Why did they ruthlessly murder men, women, and children? A lot of people like to accuse the Christians for the Crusades, but that was a retaliatory war to recover land taken by Muslims. So you ask why they hate us? Well, I can name a few, most of which started before we started “bombing brown people,” to quote George Carlin. Our country is mostly Christian. Our country supports women’s rights. Our country permits homosexuality. Our country is allies with Israel. Our country does not follow Sharia law. We support a free-thinking and intellectual society. Shall I continue?

    These things are them hating us because we are us. No other reason. Bombing them certainly didn’t help, but that hatred is generational. Stop using the last 20 years as a foil to excuse kowtowing to every arab regime out there, simply because you are too afraid to beat them with a stick when they cross the line. They’ve hated us for centuries, and they will continue to hate us for centuries more. Why? Because the population of these countries do not have the same access to freedoms and scholarly pursuits that the Western world does. Until they change (and that’s what we tried to do in Iraq and Afghanistan) their concept of freedom and liberty, we will not change their mind on hating us.

  7. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 17 days ago

    Yes, I’m dead serious. How does giving a country that supports terrorism and wants to nuke Israel and America $150 billion make us more secure? The inspections are a JOKE and they can delay those inspections for months. That is why most Americans think this is a bad idea, because they can critically think instead of following the bleating of the talking bobbleheads on the idiot box (aka TV). And I find it laughable that you are insulting your own people, because by so many measures, that 57% includes liberals and independents.

    Gypsy, I was with the Marines, and we were not attacked on the daily. Heck, our entire Bn didn’t suffer a single casualty, and our convoys were hit with only 3 IED’s the whole time we were there (just blew off the wheels). Locals were happy for the security we were providing, and operations were running smoothly. Or did you personally experience something different? I’m not saying “Well, my buddy” nonsense. I’m saying you, personally… were you in the sandbox, in 140 degree temps, seeing something different? If not, your view is pure conjecture and without merit.

    Hiram, you’re in the same boat. Iraq in 2010 was MUCH more stable than it is now (aka a complete catastrophe). And yes, the environment we were in was stable. Most of the PBIED and VBIED attacks were insurgents against the Iraqi police forces. Our troops were hardly getting hit. If you look at the casualty reports, we were suffering far fewer hits than earlier on. Locals were supporting us, and providing us information on insurgent locations. Again, unless you were there, shut your hole.

    You guys really need to wake up and stop living in the world of fluffy bunnies and rainbows. Evil exists in this world. People hate us for being us. They want to see our way of life eliminated. And giving those very people billions of dollars does not deter them from pursuing those goals. Playing nice with someone who wants to kill you only makes it easier for them to kill you. After all, you don’t hand a convicted murder felon a rifle and then tell them to only use it to hunt, and then expect them only to hunt with it. You’re denying the reality in which we live.

  8. Wraithkin commented on Lisa Benson 18 days ago

    To all you people on here who say they support this deal, you are in the insignificant minority, and I wonder if you are arguing for it out of spite or how many of you truly are living in a dream. 57% of Americans oppose the deal, compared to 28% who support it. So what you’re saying is that the 28% represent the other 72% of Americans, most of which oppose the deal?

    And you have the gall to call us trouble-makers?

    And itisme, when I left Iraq in 2010, it was stable. Amazing what a few short years under Obama can do, when he doesn’t listen to the experts and pulls out the troops for political expediency.

  9. Wraithkin commented on Dana Summers 30 days ago

    - The middle Ages were bad, so no.
    - I don’t go to church, haven’t since I was 12.
    - I earned my education as a VA benefit, so why can’t others earn their educations instead of having it given to them?
    - Gold standard stabilizes currency value (though I’m not a huge fan of the gold standard).
    - Not sure what David Copperfield has to do with this.
    - Healthcare is a privilege, not a right; I pay my monthly premiums to care for my family, so why should I have to pay for yours?
    - Shoot first so we don’t get shot first… police deter crime and catch criminals. They don’t prevent crime, especially of the violent kind.
    - I’m pretty certain liberals have the corner on the propaganda machine. In that regard, conservatives are amateurs.

    You are missing the point. If there is one central theme that conservatism preaches is that it’s all about personal accountability and being responsible for yourself. Are you railing against that? Or are you railing against things that the liberal establishment have told you to rail against? Conservatism looks more like the original Constitution than our current state of affairs.

  10. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 30 days ago

    I’m not assuming your position. Here’s what I posted:
    “My challenge is why don’t people who truly care about “blacklivesmatter” challenge the liberal establishment? Why don’t they see it as such a blatant attempt at getting them worked up?”

    Did I name you specifically? No. So if the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it. You are evading the issues I’ve presented above. You are playing games instead of discussing the issues that I believe to be culturally damaging.