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  1. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    The point here is that Romney was right in calling out Russia as a threat to our international interests. This is an “I told you so,” moment, kind of like the “I told you so,” now that the PPACA is in its death spiral. It’s a terrible burden being right so much.

  2. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 6 days ago

    Gypsy: I don’t disagree with your assessment. Two counters to your comments (which are very valid).

    First, who feels the most pain today when inflation is hit? The poor and the elderly on fixed incomes. This would actually provide some relief to them. I also wouldn’t make this a VAT, but rather a POS tax. VAT taxes through the life of a product, where the POS tax would only tax it when it’s sold to the end consumer (businesses or individuals). This would help stem the impact on the overall price of the product.

    Plus, not everyone has a fixed income at retirement. Some spend their retirement having fun, flying to different places, vacationing, enjoying their later years. My wife and I plan to do just that, and our retirement plans are well on track to be that way. We have worked very hard to get to where we are at, and I for one wouldn’t mind paying an increased tax on things I buy if it meant I kept all my income. Even a 10% tax I’d be okay with, and I’m pretty conservative when it comes to that kind of stuff.

    Secondly, younger people have more time to earn money. I understand that as our children age and wish to get out on their own, it will impact them, but it will also teach them how to budget their money better and be selective with what they get. It also can become the “new norm,” and people will become accustomed to the sales tax. And for kids who are looking to wring as much out of their wages as possible, this is a great way to do that. You can ask, “Do I need that playstation, or do I need a dryer?”

    If you look at essentials, what do you need? Housing, Food, Utilities, and Clothing. I mean, if we get down to the nitty gritty, that’s what we really need. We don’t need a computer, a Playstation or XBox. We don’t need 250 channels on the boob tube. Are they nice to have? Without a doubt. But we don’t need them. And if we make Food and Utilities tax-free, then you have two of the four already covered to be just as or more affordable than they are now. Clothing, unless you’re “OMG, that’s so cute!” shopping, is still very reasonable. $44 instead of $40 for a pair of jeans. $82.50 instead of $75 for a pair of work shoes. I guess that means you can’t have two starbucks a month. Oh well.

    So that leaves housing. And yes, housing costs would go up. At the same time, housing prices right now (especially on the coasts) are stupidly high. I cannot fathom why a studio in Manhattan costs $4,000 a month or whatever ridiculous number it is. But we already have a TON of programs out there to help people with their cost of housing and utilities. And if you already own your home, you’re grandfathered in.

    I just think something needs to be done about our tax code, because as Braindead said, there are WAY too many loopholes. I remember reading a quote somewhere that said if the tax code cannot fit on a single 8-1/2″×11″ sheet of paper, it’s too complex. I do believe in having a level playing field for everyone, and this is how I think it can be accomplished.

  3. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 7 days ago

    Thank you for asking.

    On the refugee situation, we need to recognize what they are fleeing: Murder and persecution. So when we set their refugee status against what we as Americans are used to, we don’t need to roll out the red carpet for them. We simply need to provide them with the basics afforded under the Geneva Convention: Shelter, food, water, medical care, exercise, mail, and a place to sleep. The argument that most conservatives have is that we don’t want them on American soil, capable of roaming around and potentially running amok.

    So… liberals are hell-bent on closing Gitmo (and now you know where I’m going with this). Well, then we finish dealing with the terrorists there (give them their tribunals or whatever) and then re-purpose Gitmo (the facility) to house refugees. Still on US-controlled land, isolated (and arguably the best when it comes to security) and that way we don’t have them on US soil, but then they are someplace else. Only those who can be thoroughly and completely vetted would be permitted to travel to the US Proper.

    And while they are in Gitmo, they can learn English, possibly a trade (if they need either of these), and if Syria calms down in the time it takes for them to go through the vetting process, then they can go home.
    Why has no-one thought of this? Even if they can’t remove the prisoners from Gitmo, they can condense them to a specific spot and then make more room for the refugees there. Either way, it solves both sides’ matter.

    Illegal immigration (since it’s tangentially relevant) is a relatively easy solution. The reason many Americans don’t want illegal migrants coming here is because they are consumers on the social safety net (to what extent varies), but most do not pay into that safety net via taxes. Taxes are also a very hot button topic for conservatives, because we are tired of having 1/3 or more of our paychecks taken just by virtue of doing well and having a good-paying job. I know I am.

    So my solution is to do away with federal income taxes, SS, FICA, capital gains, etc. Then have a flat state and federal sales tax that applies to all finished goods. The reason for this classification is that way raw food ingredients (chicken, bread, milk, butter, cheese, vegetables, etc) don’t get taxed, thus it won’t unfairly adversely affect those at the bottom tax rung. It also means that consumers can decide how many of their tax dollars are being contributed, instead of an arbitrary number.

    And to throw a bone to the liberals, then have an annual asset tax on those with over $5 million (grows with inflation) in net accessible assets of 2% of net worth. I know a lot of you will say, “That’s just 2%, they can be soaked for more.” Remember, the people with this kind of money don’t want to lose all the work they’ve put in, so they will resist a tax on net worth — unless the tax is less than the growth on that net worth. This way, it still grows, it’s just smaller.

    This does two things. First, this actually encourages wealth development. 5 million is a very large number for most people, and even IF you hit that 5 million mark, you are still growing your asset base; the taxes aren’t predatory in nature. And the more assets that people amass, the more money is brought in by the feds, so they goal would be to grow people’s asset base instead of targeting their income.

    Secondly, it would place the American People in charge of their tax outlays. They would know — before they buy — how much they are going to pay in taxes. You go to buy a car? You have it calculated. You go buy a lawn mower, you have it calculated. You want to buy a McFatties burger, you know how much taxes you will be paying. It also means that EVERYONE pays taxes, whether they are here legally or not (circling back to my primary point). The whole country paying taxes means the government will receive the funds it needs to operate, and it will grow with the GDP, so the government will have an incentive to improve the state of the economy as a whole. Corporations are huge consumers of goods, and if you do away with a revenue-based tax and instead move towards a consumption tax, you will capture the taxes that normally an army of accountants could avoid.

    I’ll leave it at those two, since I know I’m getting long winded.

  4. Wraithkin commented on Glenn McCoy 7 days ago

    I love how our political discourse has devolved to this. Instead of having a discussion about ideas, most liberals shout down and attempt to shame conservatives into silence, instead of addressing the true concerns of what at the heart of the matter.

    For instance, why do you lock your door at night? Is it because you are a bigot/racist/mysonginist/etc? Or is it because you don’t want people getting in to hurt you or your family, or take the things you’ve worked hard to get? Same concept here.

    There’s no attempt by the left to try to work towards a mutually-agreeable solution. Conservatives do not trust this administration or the federal government to handle this properly. Our concern (not to be confused with fear) is that we will have a Paris-like attack on US Soil if the refugee process continues apace. It’s not outside the realm of possibility.

    But instead of saying, “Hey, we get you. What do you propose as a solution?” they are instead called racists and islamaphobes for having very valid and very plausible concerns about the security of our country. How does that solve the problem? So I pose this to the liberals on this board: Instead of letting them continue apace, what do you propose to allay our security concerns?

  5. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 7 days ago

    It’s a lot better than what we’ve got now, where our border is like a sieve. I’m not saying Trump is right, but interdicting people at the border is a lot better than what what we have now.

  6. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    I’ve been a part of Operation Iraqi Freedom with the Marines. So I’ve already got those “I’ve been there” medals. And if my boys decide to enlist, I’ll drive them down to MEPS myself. It was a choice I made for myself, and they will be able to make the decision for themselves when they are old enough. And yes… boots on the ground do win wars, because you can’t occupy land with planes. I know they don’t teach you hooahs some things, but dang… that’s pretty bad that you don’t know that basic logistical requirement… especially as a paratrooper.

    @ Night-Gaunt: By rabid dog I was referring to the concept that you can’t negotiate with them. They are beyond reason, and they won’t stop until they kill us or they are killed. That’s what I was trying to drive home.

  7. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    They’ve installed a tire boots on them.

  8. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 8 days ago

    Wow… you need to go back to your history teacher and slap them.

    The pilgrims first landed in 1621. The alleged smallpox blanket issuance (which has been challenged as unintentional or even non-existent by scholars) was in 1763, over 100 years later. I’m pretty certain when they were coming here in the 1600’s, they weren’t planning to wipe out the people that were here with smallpox.

    And sofar, I’m done replying to your trolling comments. You have such a twisted and distorted view of reality that you can’t even read my comments correctly. I express concern about a fraction of refugees that could be terrorists, and you state that I think all foreigners are terrorists. Not only is that libelous, but it’s not even remotely true.

  9. Wraithkin commented on Michael Ramirez 8 days ago

    Any evidence to support your conspiracy theory?

  10. Wraithkin commented on Mike Lester 8 days ago

    Also, to disprove your theory that they aren’t coming in with the refugees, CNN would tend to disagree with you.