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  1. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Win, Lose, Drew 1 day ago

    How much effort would it have taken to know that he was responding to comments coming from behind the screen? If I know it, why doesn’t someone who is paid to comment on these things know it?
    Yes, he could have sucked it up and pretended not to hear. But the fault is with the idiots who set up the media room. There was no excuse for such poor planning.

  2. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert 1 day ago

    How about never having to say you’re sorry for spreading ignorance?

    First of all, it takes little effort to find out how the government of Iran works and the division between the progressives and the conservatives (shortcut – Imagine if Darryl Issa had his own armed group and the mainstream majority had to keep backing off from the stupid things they did).

    Second, that posture is absolutely standard for ship boardings. Our own boarding parties have been putting ships’ crews in that position for years in the Gulf. Nobody on that boat could have been surprised or offended by it.

    Spreading lies has already cost thousands of American lives. Whether you are being ignorant or honestly trying to drag us into another pointless, endless war, you are no friend to America.

  3. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne 4 days ago

    What an uninformed, kneejerk, foolish, pointless cartoon. If you can’t find real reasons to oppose her, you’re not very bright, Henry.

  4. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Wuerker 4 days ago

    I haven’t seen any evidence of Bernie Bros except in the accusations by Clinton supporters. I hope they don’t throw so many elbows in the coming months that people can’t get back together in November when it won’t matter whether it’s Bernie or Hillary as long as it isn’t Ted or the Donald.

  5. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel 5 days ago

    Sorry, folks: You can’t just throw people in jail because you disagree with them. Even in America. Most of the time. Unless they can afford lawyers like OJ had.

  6. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 5 days ago

    Whaa? They’re voting for heroin? Dana’s doing acid?

  7. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne 6 days ago

    Just kidding. The coal companies don’t want to spend money on making the remaining jobs safe, and the republicans don’t want to pay for health care for black lung. The real issue is preserving fat profits for the people who conspire to shorten the lives of miners.

  8. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Pearls Before Swine 6 days ago

    Never said “If two oranges are $2, how much will I have to pay for a half dozen”?

  9. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin 8 days ago

    I’m not a Hillary supporter but I am a truth supporter and you are wrong about the facts, ChevJames. You need to look into the actual charges and the actual evidence, not the BenghaziBenghaziBullghazi that the GOP (and not Bernie) is throwing at her. Look it up and don’t let the talk show fascisti lead you around by the nose.

  10. TJDestry GoComics Pro Member commented on Phil Hands 9 days ago

    Or you could be nostalgic, seeing all those young people rallying to make America better, back when we passed civil rights legislation, ended a war and regulated air and water pollution. Well, we’ve managed to sit back and let most of our youthful folly be undone.