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  1. ghenley commented on Over the Hedge 6 days ago

    How about a velvet twinkie.

  2. ghenley commented on Marmaduke 6 days ago

    that is the pest’s body on the side of the pest control truck.

  3. ghenley commented on Mike Lester 10 days ago

    Wake up people. They are talking about the HIPOCRISSY of the media who excoriated and blamed Bush for hurricane Katrina while not saying one word about Obama in the same type of situation.

  4. ghenley commented on Wizard of Id 17 days ago

    You get where you’re going, the way you planned, then it is a trip. If you get lost on the way, it is an adventure.

  5. ghenley commented on Marmaduke 22 days ago

    My miniature dachshunds, Schatzi and Schnitzle, would sing along when my wife played the piano. I swear, Schnitzle would try to stay in tune.

  6. ghenley commented on Mike Lester about 1 month ago

    Don’t forget Hillary was the original birther.

  7. ghenley commented on Jeff Stahler about 1 month ago

    That is next week when the democrats nominate lying, cheating Hillary!

  8. ghenley commented on Wizard of Id about 1 month ago

    I think he was looking to create a Big Bang.

  9. ghenley commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    A “microfleem” is a ‘technobable’ term, often used in conjunction with cellular telelphones.

    In other words, it’s a phrase cell phone techs like to use when BS-ing customers. (ie, ’I’m sorry sir, but your microfleem controller has suffered a failure, and that’s not covered under the extended warranty you bought.’)

    … konnten die Innsbrucker Physiker über die Wechselwirkung zwischen den Teilchen und dem optischen Resonator auch subradiante Zustände erzeugen

    I hope this clears everything up

  10. ghenley commented on Over the Hedge 3 months ago

    …Crooked Lyin’ Hillary.