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  1. Just4Kixx commented on AJ and Magnus 2 days ago

    That was me when I was a kid… Tadpoles, salamanders, minnows, frogs, and small snakes were always prime candidates for new “pets”. One garter snake I had in a terrarium actually had live young – quite exciting for a ten year old. The babies ended up infesting a Dukes of Hazzard model car I put in the terrarium

  2. Just4Kixx commented on Breaking Cat News 6 days ago

    Cats should not be fed vegetables! Cats are carnivores, even more so than dogs. Their digestive systems are not designed to digest plants. Pet food companies market to humans so they try to make the food appealing to humans.

  3. Just4Kixx commented on Magnificatz 8 days ago

    An old Tesla song immediately came to mind when I read this. “It’s not what you get, it’s what you give…”

  4. Just4Kixx commented on Peanuts 8 days ago

    Funny, I’m watching the Indians smack the Blue Jays around as I read this. I’ve a sad feeling that the Jays will be done tonight

  5. Just4Kixx commented on Buni 10 days ago

    He’d just better watch out for hurricanes

  6. Just4Kixx commented on AJ and Magnus 24 days ago

    Good luck getting a mastiff into a tree anyway. When I had my bullmastiff he would absolutely not do stairs. My cats took full advantage of this and would sit on the stairs just out of his reach. They got quite a shock when my brother brought his bullmastiff over. The cats ran part way up the stairs and stopped and turned around, expecting the dog to have stopped at the bottom. He did not. Two cats got absolutely covered in slobber…

  7. Just4Kixx commented on The Other Coast 24 days ago

    In today’s news there is an article about a bunch of dolphins stranded in the shallows in New Brunswick, Canada, so you can’t trust those smug things anyway

  8. Just4Kixx commented on AJ and Magnus 26 days ago

    Words are weird. Why is the slang for making love considered dirtier than the slang for defecation?

  9. Just4Kixx commented on Sketchshark Comics about 1 month ago

    Looks like that cat could give a Roomba a run for its money

  10. Just4Kixx commented on Luann Againn about 1 month ago

    I work at a very busy shop specializing in European cars. One day last year we had an ‘06 BMW 325i that wouldn’t start towed in. Apparently the customer had the cylinder head replaced at the BMW dealership, and after replacing the head they couldn’t get it to start. They spent countless hours working on it trying to figure it out (including removing the head again and checking the valve timing several times, which is not an easy thing to do on a BMW), and finally, after FIVE MONTHS, gave up. He had the car towed to us. The owner of the place told him we were extremely busy, so we couldn’t guarantee when it would come in. It sat outside for a few weeks as we burned through our backed up work pile. Finally we had some time to look at it, so I took the key and booster pack and went outside. I attempted to start it, and it would only crank, start, run very poorly for a half second, and die. I thought, “This is behaving like it’s out of gas”. We had two gallons in a gas can, so I put them in the car. It started up and ran like a champ. The car’s owner couldn’t believe it when my boss called him and told him to come get the car, and was absolutely floored when he found out what was wrong