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Peanuts by Charles Schulz


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  1. Just4Kixx commented on Peanuts about 16 hours ago

    I remember reading this story arc in a Peanuts book back in elementary school. In 1980 or so. I can’t believe this brought back such a distant memory. Always loved Peanuts, and always will….

  2. Just4Kixx commented on Ham Shears 3 days ago

    I thought they “came to terms”, so to speak, ages ago….

  3. Just4Kixx commented on Red and Rover 17 days ago

    Not where I live either. We’re getting freezing rain. Just north of here they’re working on 18" of snow since yesterday. That’s on top of the 20" of snow that fell on Wednesday (“fell” being a relative term – the wind was blowing at 75MPH and had gusted to 120 at one point)…

  4. Just4Kixx commented on Heart of the City 24 days ago

    I used to know an “Anu”. Haven’t seen him since I was about 10 (which was about 32 years ago). We used to play “Lego” back when Legos were for building stuff instead of marketing movies. Wonder where he’s at now… (funny how comic strips can bring back memories)

  5. Just4Kixx commented on My Cage 24 days ago

    OK, without looking at the comments, and left-to-right I recognise Skull from PVP, Steve from Pinkerton, Clango from Diesel Sweeties, and Coney from Kevin and Kell (and, of course, Max and Norm – love Max hanging his head out the window, BTW). The raccoon next to Clango looks familiar too, but I can’t place him…

  6. Just4Kixx commented on Beardo 29 days ago

    Spring is everywhere,,, except Nova Scotia. More snow tomorrow…

  7. Just4Kixx commented on Dogs of C-Kennel 29 days ago

    As a mechanic I can say with no small amount of certainty than when the check engine light comes on on a BMW, it is indeed reason to sing the blues…

  8. Just4Kixx commented on Wide Open 30 days ago

    Um, the prescription was for Percoset, not Picasso…

  9. Just4Kixx commented on Endtown 30 days ago

    One strange thing though: in the first panel Jim has a non-aggressive expression on his face, almost as though he and Wally had quite a chat between yesterday and today. He now looks like he’s trying to educate Wally, not execute him…

  10. Just4Kixx commented on Endtown 30 days ago

    I have a feeling Sarah is pointing her Z-gun WITH Wally, not AT him. Given how the pair exited Clive, with Sarah really mad at Jim, I can’t see her wanting to keep his company…