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  1. warester commented on Pooch Cafe 2 days ago

    Poncho will never live down being chased by a squirrel when he gets back in his body, especially if the other dogs see this.

  2. warester commented on Rip Haywire 2 days ago

    I see sharp, square jaw, rounded, cleaved jaw fight in the offing.

  3. warester commented on Endtown 2 days ago

    Now we find out just how well the lizards have trained the ‘outsiders’ dittos. I think they’ll still be true to Wally and gang, much to the detriment of the lizards.

  4. warester commented on Big Nate 11 days ago

    Go Nate. Here’s hoping he makes a BETTER grade then Gina.

  5. warester commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Time for Chic to show them the secret passage out of Lizardville.

  6. warester commented on Adam@Home about 1 month ago

    Turn the mattress over and mash it the other way

  7. warester commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 1 month ago

    Wonder if that’s Donner Pass they’ll be wintering in. They’ve got the makings for a wonderful barbecue.

  8. warester commented on Big Nate about 1 month ago

    His team will probably start winning now.

  9. warester commented on Luann 3 months ago

    Frank’s statement, about that warehouse, on Nov 1, was: “Lots of potential here. Just needs some crazy entrepreneur with money.” Is the key to both his enthusiasm and reticence.

  10. warester commented on Doonesbury 3 months ago

    Doonesbury nose out, toggle nose is in.