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  1. lightenup commented on Cathy 6 days ago

    Wow, she is absolutely delusional!! I’m just glad that Irving doesn’t totally buy into her craziness.
    Hello Cathy clan! TGIF! We are off to an overdue vacation tomorrow, so I won’t “see” you until next Saturday. I hope everyone has a great week!
    Sis, to answer your question from yesterday… my MIL has always stayed much longer than I would have liked, yet less than she wanted. That’s pretty much for all of her visits. For when Jr was born, she wanted to stay with us for a month and she told my husband when she wanted to come. It all was totally her idea, and no one asked me what I wanted. Her reasoning is that this was her first grandchild and she was so excited about it. She is so self-centered that she didn’t think it was MY first child, she already had 5 of her own children, and it should be about what the _mother_wanted not her. For that, I could only talk her down from a month to 3 weeks. The only good thing was that Jr arrived 9 days late and my in-laws showed up well before my due date, so I didn’t have to put up with them and a new baby for long. For Lil, she was due July 7, so I said that I wanted my mom to come first and they could come later in July. At first she agreed, but when they looked at airline tickets, the price increase between June and July was ridiculous so I had to agree they could come in late June and stay for 2.5-3 weeks. Both times she did nothing to help and only made things difficult, but that’s another story… :-) And she told us before we left Spain that she was going to come visit us next spring, which I really don’t want. (Sorry for the long answer!)

  2. lightenup commented on Aunty Acid 7 days ago

    As long as you are responsible and not an idiot, it’s fine to have fun. I’m just tired of the bratty, obnoxious adults that make life difficult for everyone around them. There’s a difference.

  3. lightenup commented on Cathy 7 days ago

    Ugh, Cathy’s MIL is the worst! I don’t think my MIL is the worst, but sometimes she does say/do some pretty rude things (mostly to me).
    When my husband and I were looking for our first house together, my MIL happened to be in town so she went to look at houses also. Every single house that we went into, she would find an extra bedroom and say something like Cathy’s MIL… “This one is for the grandmother!” and laugh like she was hysterical. Meanwhile, at the time we had no children and she had no grandchildren at all. She was just making it clear that she wanted us to have kids and she was going to stay with us for a while when we did have them. Thank God for the Atlantic Ocean that separates us!!
    She is so bizarre.
    Hello Cathy clan! I hope you all are having a good day! It’s almost Friday! Thankfully, we have gas in the gas stations and they should be resolving the pipeline issue soon. What a pain.
    QuietStorm, I hope you’re ok, sweet lady! With school and your mom, you’re going through a lot! Hugs!!

  4. lightenup commented on Cathy 10 days ago

    I know it’ll never change, but I wish Cathy would deal with life on her own! Sure, sometimes it’s hard and/or overwhelming, but no one should run to Mommy as much as she does.
    And she just made Irving seem ineffective. Go commiserate with him! Isn’t he going through this move with her, so he should understand best? EYEROLL
    Hello Cathy clan! Happy Monday! I’m so tired after this weekend. Not a single day to sleep in and it was go go go. On top of that, we have gas shortages here in GA due to a pipeline leak in AL, so everyone is freaking out and I don’t want to drive as much because gas stations are running out of gas. This morning, I walked a mile to Target just go get an errand done and get some exercise in. It was good to know that it was doable, but I’m not sure if I’m capable of anything else useful.
    I hope you all have a good day!

  5. lightenup commented on Moderately Confused 10 days ago

    Election years have made me question why I even bother checking FB. Although it does make it easy to find out who the classy, intelligent ones are (and no, that isn’t dependent on who they vote for; it’s what they post about).

  6. lightenup commented on Molly and the Bear 10 days ago

    I’m so tired that I actually got jealous of Bear and it’s just a picture.

  7. lightenup commented on Momma 10 days ago

    Good answer, Momma. And Francis, you do this job NOT because you have imagination, ingenuity or talent, but because your mother has supported you for years and years and it’s the least you could do, you lazy bum.

  8. lightenup commented on Thatababy 10 days ago

    My household is not a democracy, so this wouldn’t work!

  9. lightenup commented on For Better or For Worse 10 days ago

    Yes, it is sad. I used to deliver Meals on Wheels to shut-ins and enjoyed bringing a little human touch to people’s lives. We all should try to connect with other people rather than creating the divisions that exist more and more.

  10. lightenup commented on Cathy 13 days ago

    As often I as I think that Cathy is nuts, deep down I know it is rooted from her mother. Poor thing, she never had a chance…
    Hello Cathy clan! TGIF! It’s only 9:45pm here and I’m ready to go to bed. What a boring adult I’ve become… ;-)