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  1. Richard Schlobohm GoComics Pro Member commented on Walt Handelsman over 3 years ago

    On my daily (Jun24th) download I’m invited to “Share” today’s Handelsman comic, and first I must sign in (done) and then I can’t get today’s comic, only the 21st June. What gives? Since I rarely ‘share’, am I being penalized for merely wanting to?

  2. Richard Schlobohm GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich over 8 years ago

    We visited New Zealand in March of this year and their gas prices were double ours. Their roads and mass transit options also exceeded ours. Same in most other countries. So $3.42/gallon is not the true cost of our fuel. Our taxes, debt & subsidies are used to keep our fuel costs low. All of our Iraq War costs should be factored into our fuel costs.