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  1. Robert Harvey GoComics Pro Member commented on Lalo Alcaraz almost 3 years ago

    GOP stands for Grandstanding Obstructionist Pachyderm.

  2. Robert Harvey GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy about 3 years ago

    Dr. Ghote’s name is pronounced “fish”: “gh” as in enough; “o” as in women; and I forgot the rest……

  3. Robert Harvey GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Lester over 4 years ago

    I love this one, Mike. How come your e-address doesn’t work any more? Write me and give me a new one so I can send you my favorite cartoon. Bob (R.C. Harvey)

  4. Robert Harvey GoComics Pro Member commented on Dick Tracy over 7 years ago

    Jim Brozman has been a published comic book artist since his days at Northern Illinois University where he earned his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration. Before graduation, he published his first comic called “Pablo Picasso: Police Artist.”

    After graduation, Brozman established his reputation as a comic book artist when he worked on the Renegade Press comic book called “Strata,” a black-and-white comic with talking, sword-wielding otters, Lancelot and King Arthur. This series lasted two years until his next project at another Chicago-based comic book company, Now Comics.

    There, he drew full-color comics, including “Rust,” “The Terminator,” “Speed Racer,” “Racer-X,” “The Real Ghostbusters,” “Slimer” and “The Green Hornet.” Brozman has worked for many independent comic book companies from the 1980s through the 1990s.

    For the past decade, Brozman has worked on the retail side of the comic book industry managing stores for Graham Cracker Comics in the Chicagland area. He has also kept active drawing the occasional comic book story. His latest being a comic book Brozman created with the help of local color artist, Josh Warner, called “Naperville’s Finest,” which was a free comic book given away with The Naperville Sun and given out at the local high schools. “Naperville’s Finest” was co-created with local sports editors and depicted all the local high school mascots as superheroes battling their rival local mascots.

    Brozman’s latest endeavor as artist for the legendary comic strip, “Dick Tracy,” is his first venture with Tribune Media Services. Watch for new characters and old friends in our award-winning strip – “Dick Tracy” – every day on the comics page and in color every Sunday.

    The foregoing is from the TMS site; due to a malfunction of my machine, it would seem I wrote it, but I didn’t. What I’ve written follows: You may remember that in December, I circulated in my online magazine, Rants & Raves (www.RCHarvey.com)a rumor that Dick Locher was going to retire from the strip. Syndicate spokesmen denied it; ditto Dick, who phoned me to say he was staying on the job. But now we have a new signature joining Locher’s on the strip, a fairly clear indication that changes are coming. Locher may not retire from writing the strip, but he’s surely stepping back a little from drawing it all. My guess is that Brozman is inking Locher and embellishing a little as he goes along. How long Brozman has been doing this is a question best answered by Brozman; or Locher. I interviewed Dick for Cartoonist PROfiles in the mid-1990s and asked him then if he had an assistant and, if so, who. He said he had an assistant but that “the time isn’t right” for divulging who it is/was. Maybe now is the time. “Now” being the time that Locher is contemplating retirement more seriously.