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  1. Donald Williams commented on Family Tree 1 day ago

    Where I live here in Mexico, eggs are sold by weight, based upon the kilogram, so size doesn’t matter. The number of eggs in a baggie varies accordingly. Additionally, they are always from free-range chickens. It doesn’t get any better than that.

  2. Donald Williams commented on Signe Wilkinson 5 days ago

    I think he was referring to the baseball cap.

  3. Donald Williams commented on Nick Anderson 5 days ago

    Look again. The turkey has its arms (wings) crossed in defiance, facing Putin. :)

  4. Donald Williams commented on Jeff Danziger 18 days ago

    How is it that I didn’t see the exclamation mark in the turkey until today???

  5. Donald Williams commented on Jeff Danziger 21 days ago

    I’m guessing it’s Reince Priebus. :)

  6. Donald Williams commented on Clay Bennett 21 days ago

    The “deadly” option of the pipeline was rendered impotent with a trigger lock (veto).
    I think.

  7. Donald Williams commented on Ted Rall 25 days ago

    I think it’s a false analogy.

    The nomenclature “child abuse” entails something bad, by definition. To maintain that people who claim that slavery “wasn’t bad” does not automatically lead to the conclusion that they will accept child abuse as not bad.

    It’s an invalid comparison.

  8. Donald Williams commented on Ted Rall 25 days ago

    Let me see if I can understand your point.

    You say that folks who think that slavery wasn’t bad are going to think that child abuse isn’t bad.

    Did I get that right?

    In order to clarify, you correlate withholding supper with never feeding a child.

    Tossing a kid out of the house for fresh air is the same as locking the kid out all the time.

    A swat on the butt to get a kid’s attention is equivalent to a hard beating.

    Therefore, people who think slavery wasn’t so bad think child abuse isn’t so bad.

    Did I miss anything?

  9. Donald Williams commented on Clay Bennett 26 days ago

    Neues Model — der Betrüger

  10. Donald Williams commented on Ted Rall 27 days ago

    “If people think slavery wasn’t bad, for some reason, then these same people are not going to think child abuse is bad.”

    I don’t see a correlation. Perhaps you could be more specific?