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  1. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on Zen Pencils about 3 years ago

    Too true. However, when it comes Art it’s getting paid for the work you love that’s the trick. ;)

  2. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on Calvin and Hobbes about 4 years ago

    You know you’re a ‘grown-up’ when stop having fun in the rain. ;)

  3. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on FoxTrot about 4 years ago

    I feel this way about facebook sometimes.

  4. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on FoxTrot almost 5 years ago

    This was a brilliant Pun! It wasn’t until Jason spoke of his genius that I understood Who not What the cookie was and it had be Grinning from ear to ear. The best jokes are always the ones you don’t see coming and this was Great! Well done!

  5. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on Ink Pen over 6 years ago

    Watch any superhero flic where the good vs. evil fight is in the city streets and it’s never pretty. Action just isn’t appreciated without the visuals of violence and destruction.

  6. Elizabeth Hurlbut commented on Pat Oliphant about 7 years ago

    The comic is brilliant as it shows both an angry and peaceful reaction to religious policy that we see here in these very comments to the strip. The Bible taught me to love God with my whole being and my neighbour as myself so I guess I’ll be with the Women’s Auxiliary… :)