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  1. puddleglum1066 commented on Frazz about 4 hours ago

    There are several past strips in which Frazz has been privy to Caulfield’s grades and test papers, in the context of an office discussion including the principal and Mrs. Olsen trying to figure out what to do with him. My favorite is the series on standardized tests, where Caulfield creates a pointallist Mona Lisa and a bar code (among other things) on the bubble sheet. Such conferences among the staff are not unusual, and are for the long-term benefit of the student (Calufield, while brilliant, has not yet learned when to hold ‘em and when to fold ’em, and if he doesn’t learn this before moving up to middle and high school, he may find himself the smartest guy flipping burgers at McD’s). I wouldn’t normally expect a janitor to be involved in such discussions, but this is the “Frazz” universe, and the janitor being being pretty much the equal of any teacher or administrator is one of the things you accept when you enter.

  2. puddleglum1066 commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago

    I’m not buying where the strip’s been going this week. The most I’ve ever heard anyone (reputable scientist, anyway) claim about the value of diet in treating heart disease is that it can prevent plaque buildup, and perhaps slowly reverse it over time. But these strips have been about an acute problem. The artery’s already blocked. Dietary changes might help prevent a recurrence, but they’re not going to instantly unblock a clogged artery, and that’s what the guy needs to avoid further damage to his heart.

  3. puddleglum1066 commented on Non Sequitur about 4 hours ago

    Patients’ Bill of Rights, part 27: before consenting to any medical procedure, you have the right to inquire as to the condition of your doctors’ Mercedes and boat.

  4. puddleglum1066 commented on Dick Tracy about 4 hours ago

    Otis might as well be wearing a red shirt at this point.

  5. puddleglum1066 commented on Frazz about 16 hours ago

    Employee: “I’m going to eat at my desk and cut out early.”

    Boss: “I’ve got a better idea: eat at your desk and leave at the normal quitting time. I get an extra twenty minutes of work I don’t have to pay for!”

  6. puddleglum1066 commented on Rudy Park 3 days ago

    It’s been pointed out that Lebanon should be a right-winger’s paradise, as it has a government so small and weak it could be drowned in a sink (no need to fill the bathtub), no restrictions on what corporations are allowed to do, no restrictions on owning and carrying firearms, and pretty much all government services (including water, sewer, police and fire protection) privately operated. Yet none of my teabag party friends want to go there. Why not?

  7. puddleglum1066 commented on Tarzan 3 days ago

    Does the young lady in the first panel have a prosthetic arm, like the constable in “Son of Frankenstein”? Notice how she’s holding the pack of smokes in her right hand, but apparently using her left hand to move her right hand around. Game of darts, anybody?

  8. puddleglum1066 commented on Non Sequitur 3 days ago

    The connection between diet and heart trouble passes through obesity, which does not seem to apply in Bob’s case. More likely, it’s the result of his being a lawyer, which means spending much of his time in an office chair, leaning forward to study a law book or fiddle with a computer, which has been demonstrated to be bad for all those gooey things inside you, including the heart.

  9. puddleglum1066 commented on Rudy Park 4 days ago

    Not so true anymore… Canadian mass-market beers might still be slightly better than their American counterparts (though the big Canadian breweries seem to be owned by the same multinational conglomerates as the big American ones), but as of my last visit to Canada (two years ago) the craft beer scene there was still far behind what it is here. So, while the average Canadian might drink better beer than the average American, I think the case (of 24 bottles, please) could be made that the discerning American has access to a better selection of really good beer.

  10. puddleglum1066 commented on Candorville 4 days ago

    And… in two years, it appears we’ll be offered the choice of another Bush or another Clinton for president. Ghack!