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  1. MJM commented on Chris Britt about 3 years ago

    Limbaugh does not speak for me and a lot of others being denigrated here, so why is he put up as doing so?

    Blacks are under-educated in gov’t schools. Millions of blacks are on the dole and generations of them now depend on gov’t for their subsistence. Labor unions and minimum wage laws create unemployment among black youths, but “progressives” could care less abut that.

    Zimmerman was found innocent by trial. Nothing about what he did could have incited someone to bash his head on concrete other than whatever was on the thief and drug user’s mind at the time. But Chris knows better as he was at the trial and has read all about it as well, right?

    The Tea Party is small potatoes so far, but Libertarians are not. Libertarians would like small gov’t and for people to be self-reliant and free. Do what you say will do and do not encroach upon other people. Simple.

    But Statists all want gov’t to do good works even when it never, ever, ever in all of history has done good works that did not have unintended consequences. And these consequences have ultimately caused great harm to citizens financially and with loss of liberty. The power-mad Statists want angels to do good for them in gov’t, but all they ever get is one group of sociopaths after another.