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  1. sirandrew commented on Jack Ohman over 2 years ago

    If your boyfriend can’t afford a condom,find a new boyfriend

  2. sirandrew commented on Chan Lowe about 3 years ago

    Instead of Cubans ,it could apply to Muslims inundating our countrty

  3. sirandrew commented on Gary Markstein over 3 years ago

    Apparently,the vision showing Lincoln and King indicates that they are his ideal and where he hopes to be.

    Lincoln said a divided house will fall. After over 600,000 dead Americans,the divided house still stood. divided.

    King claim to fame was that he made a speech about having a dream. The dream never came about and his family is living off the royalty checks.

  4. sirandrew commented on Matt Bors over 3 years ago

    Obama will issue an Executive Order banning bombs in Pakistan,Iraq,Afghanistan to stop this