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Dogs of C-Kennel

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  1. martymac commented on Lisa Benson almost 4 years ago

    absolutely wrong!! God never says oops! all babies are a gift. sure women have free will to make choices like everyone else, but are not free to suffer the consequences of that choice. after all if that pregnancy is unwanted, don’t hop into bed with some guy. adoption is just for people who say loved the sex, hate the child. abortion is murder, just legalized. if you don’t want the business outcome of a pregnancy, KEEP YOUR DAMN LEGS CROSSED AND PRACTICE CELEBACY!!!!!!!!!

  2. martymac commented on Working It Out almost 4 years ago

    “they call me the terminator.”

  3. martymac commented on Big Nate almost 4 years ago

    evolution is a fable. Darwin was a grade a fruitcake.

  4. martymac commented on Soup to Nutz about 4 years ago

    it’s the exorcist 4!!

  5. martymac commented on Scary Gary about 4 years ago

    i can just hear peta now…

  6. martymac commented on CowTown about 4 years ago

    check out today’s bound and gagged for an opposite viewpoint.

  7. martymac commented on Shoe about 4 years ago

    how about biz’s age spots? do they count?

  8. martymac commented on Big Nate about 4 years ago

    jp1579…do you kiss your family with that filthy mouth? it’s a comic strip for crying out loud. kids read it. what’s your problem?

  9. martymac commented on Stone Soup about 4 years ago

    i hear ya doctor11. ignorant people use filthy language to compensate for the lack of brain power they have. there’s never an excuse to use it.

  10. martymac commented on CowTown about 4 years ago

    in washington d.c., and one BIG one in the white house.