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  1. Tim commented on Skippy 3 days ago

    Saw one of those just this morning – handsome little jack rabbit. Ears were longer than the legs. And the “third ear” isn’t really used for that, kid.

  2. Tim commented on That's Life 3 days ago

    I know, right? It’s not even funny.

  3. Tim commented on Skippy 4 days ago

    Roller skates – that is too funny >grin>

  4. Tim commented on Big Nate 4 days ago

    Don’t worry – when it’s time to learn about babes, he’ll figure that one out all by himself. Nature has a way.

  5. Tim commented on Nancy 4 days ago

    Yeah. Brain dead. Got a photo from a customer of a hand-drawn page. Vertical camera, print on the paper was so small I couldn’t begin to read it. TURN THE BLASTED PHONE 90 DEGREES, WORLD!

  6. Tim commented on That's Life 4 days ago

    C’mon guys, give it up on the lemmings! It’s a myth, created by Disney – check it out:


    And YOU bozos keep repeating it. Geez…

  7. Tim commented on Family Tree 4 days ago

    butterflies and jitterbugs – sounds contagious

  8. Tim commented on Citizen Dog 4 days ago

    It’s adorable. I wish MY life could be that simple again.

  9. Tim commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    Four. Home, office, car, truck. Every other key is kept in the desk drawer or locked in the car. Way less holes in my pocket now.

  10. Tim commented on Today's Dogg 4 days ago

    I have two bassets – plenty of room for bumper stickers >grin<