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  1. Tim commented on Moderately Confused 5 days ago

    and your age. At 30 I could tell. At 55, not so much anymore. I seem to keep cranking up the highs now, not the bass >grin<

  2. Tim commented on Dark Side of the Horse 22 days ago

    Likewise. Besides, I find more loose change looking down than if I have my nose in the air.

  3. Tim commented on Today's Dogg 23 days ago

    THAT dogg has the blues down pat!

  4. Tim commented on Big Top 24 days ago

    Did that in church once. Head hit the pew in front of me. I woke up fast and loud, and everyone from the pulpit down to the very last row was staring at me…

  5. Tim commented on That's Life 24 days ago

    Ewww….yuck! Totally unforgivable.

  6. Tim commented on Citizen Dog 24 days ago

    Best chuckle of the day – thanks :)

  7. Tim commented on The Born Loser 24 days ago

    Dad worked for a national company that made and sold calculators, I was around them my whole life. But even at home I had to do my schoolwork the real way – pencil and paper. I can still do most math in my head faster than most kids can do with a calculator.

  8. Tim commented on 9 to 5 24 days ago

    I strongly support the two term movement: one in office, one in prison.

  9. Tim commented on Shoe 24 days ago

    “Barkeep, a round for the house!”

  10. Tim commented on Pluggers 26 days ago

    Two words: “sticky notes”. Right on his forehead if necessary.