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  1. eugene57 commented on Henry Payne 5 days ago

    And St Ronny made sure, as best he could, that it came true.
    Even Ronny, after making tax cuts, realized he had to raise taxes to cover his assets.
    Government spending ballooned under his administration, and his budget deficits did as well.
    Higher taxes cause businesses to invest in the companies future.

  2. eugene57 commented on Jim Morin 5 days ago

    Take some more studies in history. The French that came to the Americas, tho claiming territory, were not trying to clear native peoples from the land. They were willing to share the bounty of the lands.
    The English who came not only wanted to claim the land area, they killed and tried to drive off natives.

  3. eugene57 commented on Henry Payne 13 days ago

    We all know you cannot refute, just insult.

  4. eugene57 commented on Jeff Stahler 13 days ago

    What you claim as hatred is simple truth.

  5. eugene57 commented on Jeff Stahler 13 days ago

    “What’s best for the majority is best for the country. The system, however, depends on the majority being informed enough to vote in their own best interest”

    This sounds shortsighted.

  6. eugene57 commented on Michael Ramirez 13 days ago

    Yeshua showed a different interpretation of the jewish god. Saul/Paul took the growing new religious sect and made it his own with his views/interpretations as the guide.

  7. eugene57 commented on Henry Payne 13 days ago

    It is a fundraiser, the meal is $9932 plus tip with profit going to the campaign, and $68 is the reported donation.*
    (isn’t that how the conservatives do it to stay under the donation cap?)

  8. eugene57 commented on John Deering 13 days ago

    It was uneconomical to place the Statue of Liberty on a rotating platform, and changing the inscription as it rotated would not have been feasible.. (;>})

  9. eugene57 commented on Matt Davies 13 days ago

    “But I’m just a conservative loon.”
    Not always, but sometimes…

  10. eugene57 commented on Robert Ariail 14 days ago

    Yes, government of we the people.
    plenty of people are willing to scam the government as well as people who are willing to scam a business, with the rational, it is not coming out of a persons wallet.