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  1. eugene57 commented on Gary Varvel 11 months ago

    Abortion is not murder.
    Wars are mainly fought for power and property, ofttimes under the banner of a religion or nation state to give it validity.

  2. eugene57 commented on Gary Varvel 11 months ago

    Glad someone claims responsibility for all the wars fought in the name of Christianity.*

  3. eugene57 commented on Jeff Stahler 11 months ago

    I am glad you represent the faction of america that is dying off. You are showing you listen too much to right wing propaganda.

  4. eugene57 commented on Michael Ramirez 11 months ago

    Bye, I am following Martins and leaving.

  5. eugene57 commented on Michael Ramirez 11 months ago

    Truth to tell, it was Reagan who would not answer the phone at 3am. No one was to disturb him after he went to bed and before he got up at 5am.

  6. eugene57 commented on Jerry Holbert 11 months ago

    Are you presupposing Yeshua would be reborn in America U.S..
    your illogical hatred is showing.

  7. eugene57 commented on John Deering 11 months ago

    Nothing denotes that the soldier is dead or MIA, only that he is not at the table. (and is being placed at the head of the table, a place of honor.) AS for Seagulls terrorist, that comment is illogical.

  8. eugene57 commented on Jeff Danziger 11 months ago

    Sorry you are leaving and I may join you for now.
    I have learned much from many here, left, right and middle.

  9. eugene57 commented on Stuart Carlson 11 months ago

    Have you no decency?

  10. eugene57 commented on Chip Bok 11 months ago

    No fan of Mrs. Clinton, but she is a featherweight comparer to some Republicans in the House and Senate, {federal and state} and Republican Governors.