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  1. eugene57 commented on Michael Ramirez about 12 hours ago

    “But for the grace of God it could be YOU or I being extracted with forceps and having our heads crushed so that our organs could be used for “research” like the kind Dr. Mengele conducted.”
    Are you implying your head is inserted up an orifice.

  2. eugene57 commented on Gary Varvel about 19 hours ago

    “Best thing is the fact that the Democrats have no one else other than Bernie and Hillary, what does that say about them.”
    Your comment says more about you considering the history of Presidential Campaigns.

  3. eugene57 commented on Michael Ramirez about 19 hours ago

    “Charleston Hesston”
    Showing how you get even the simplest and easiest to find information wrong.

  4. eugene57 commented on Henry Payne about 20 hours ago

    Payne obviously has a car fetish. Is he one of those Pat Robertson is referencing concerning gay marriage and machine implements. (what, that was Rep. Steve King, R-IA?)

  5. eugene57 commented on Clay Jones about 20 hours ago

    Will you defend any despicable action?

  6. eugene57 commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    Methinks thou dost protest too much

  7. eugene57 commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    Your going to stop commenting on Pres. Obama?

  8. eugene57 commented on Chan Lowe 1 day ago

    Don’t believe anything on THE BLAZE.

  9. eugene57 commented on Kevin Kallaugher 1 day ago

    “Why must people distort the facts?”
    Because facts do not support their positions or beliefs.

  10. eugene57 commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    Ted, there are also women who like to hunt, like Sara Palin. (don’t know about the facial hair and such)*