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  1. furnituremaker commented on Tom Toles 1 day ago

    Apropos of nothing, kudos to GoComics for getting rid of those ads which stop everything in their path!!!

  2. furnituremaker commented on Joel Pett 1 day ago

    it’s Obama’s fault that there’s water on mars?

  3. furnituremaker commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    hey, any combat soldier does that to the end of his days

  4. furnituremaker commented on John Deering 3 days ago

    with all the antibiotics, growth hormones, etc. farmers feed their cattle nowadays, it is no wonder cow’s milk is considered unhealthy

  5. furnituremaker commented on Jerry Holbert 28 days ago

    is that a big pile of elephant poop?

  6. furnituremaker commented on Ted Rall about 1 month ago

    is the guy on the right flipping Trump the bird?

  7. furnituremaker commented on Robert Ariail about 1 month ago

    I was a radioman in the USN, and the idiots-that-be classified EVERYTHING! An intelligence summary, which was classified SECRET regularly appeared in the local newspaper the next day almost verbatim… this e-mail thing is just more garbage.

  8. furnituremaker commented on Clay Jones about 1 month ago

    but the armed criminal already has his gun out and pointed at you…you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in a Baptist hell of outdrawing that…where’s your protection now?

  9. furnituremaker commented on Jen Sorensen about 1 month ago

    We leased our ranch in Texas to hunters, mostly from Dallas and Fort Worth, and most of them had no idea which end of the rifle went “bang”

  10. furnituremaker commented on Mike Lester about 1 month ago

    WOW!! I got Hillary beat…my estate has 7.5 acres with a three bedroom house, AND a shop,
    AND a chicken house…don’t have a private server though…