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  1. tharpa commented on The Norm Classics about 11 hours ago

    I’ve never seen that type of thing. I’ve seen women, like that, but never men.

  2. tharpa commented on Vernscartoons 7 days ago


  3. tharpa commented on Chuckle Bros 8 days ago

    Clearly, the Boychuks aren’t Catholic. They don’t know the difference between a regular priest’s attire and a bishop’s attire.

  4. tharpa commented on Chuckle Bros 8 days ago

    KM, a day without a snafu is a day without contact with the medical establishment. They’re always dropping the ball.

  5. tharpa commented on Funday Morning 27 days ago

    I like that this could apply to both left and right.

  6. tharpa commented on WuMo 29 days ago

    It is an odd comic. There is no logic behind the message. The sponsors must have inspired it.

  7. tharpa commented on Big Nate: First Class 29 days ago

    Freud’s the man.

  8. tharpa commented on Dilbert Classics about 1 month ago

    Except there is no right to privacy in the Constitution. If you don’t believe me, find that phrase in the Constitution (or it’s amendments)

  9. tharpa commented on Maximus about 1 month ago

    Or maybe he is the ultimate bully himself.

  10. tharpa commented on Misc Soup about 1 month ago

    I think the mean kitty will be disappointed.