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  1. tharpa commented on Savage Chickens 3 days ago

    Actually, it’s not so easy. In Rinzai Zen, the first Koan involves meditation on Joshu’s response: Mu! So one cow is doing Hindu meditation, and the others are doing Zen meditation, or Zazen.

  2. tharpa commented on Basic Instructions about 1 month ago

    Why Basic Instructions hasn’t achieved the same level of fame as Dilbert, I don’t know. (There. I praised it but made it sound like an insult.)

  3. tharpa commented on 2 Cows and a Chicken about 1 month ago

    I think Cow misunderstands karma.

  4. tharpa commented on Little Nemo about 1 month ago

    Who or what is Flip?

  5. tharpa commented on Zen Pencils 2 months ago

    The first time I heard this was in the 1980’s at the Dharma Study Group, by Bernie Simon, a programmer at the HUT in Baltimore.

  6. tharpa commented on WuMo 3 months ago

    Wonder if the artists recognize the non-sensicalness of “Buddha wrestling Shiva” given that the Buddha wouldn’t stoop to wrestling, plus he’s the founder of a different religion.

  7. tharpa commented on Savage Chickens 3 months ago

    Reminds me of a couple of historical events. “The War of the Worlds” radio broadcast, and Ronald Reagan’s joke, thinking the mike was not on yet, that “The nuclear rockets have been launched, and they will reach Moscow in 5 minutes.” Fortunately, the Russkies didn’t assume it was serious.

  8. tharpa commented on Making It 3 months ago

    The American version of St. Patrick’s day is very different from the Irish version. In Ireland, the bars are closed on St. Patrick’s day.

  9. tharpa commented on Minimum Security 3 months ago

    Charmingly quaint. Despite all the obvious failures of communism, and the obvious successes of economic freedom, Miss McMillan is a true believer.

  10. tharpa commented on The Norm Classics 3 months ago

    I’ve never seen that type of thing. I’ve seen women, like that, but never men.