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Nancy by Guy Gilchrist


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  1. Sopranos commented on Nancy 6 days ago

    When doesn’t Fritzi look good is the question. LOL.

  2. Sopranos commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    If Mr. Gould were here still doing this strip, he’d have Lizz do something violent such as fire her weapon, peppering the front windshield in a hail of hot lead, killing both Gruesome & Einstein and swerving into something resulting in their getaway car exploding in a fireball.

  3. Sopranos commented on Gil Thorp 8 days ago

    Does Gil know he has a potential gambling scandal brewing there at the Bucket? Bets being placed by his players, money changing hands… . Now, if you’ll excuse me, my corner booth in the back awaits me and my guests.

  4. Sopranos commented on Gil Thorp 8 days ago

    I thought after Jarrod told True they couldn’t have done it without him, True was going to reply “Yes, I know”.

  5. Sopranos commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    Is Sam in violation of federal law by posing as an albeit dead federal official?

  6. Sopranos commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    I’ll bet I know what Tracy gets Sam for Christmas…a trunk.

  7. Sopranos commented on Dick Tracy 12 days ago

    These two remind me of that old song…“I Wear My Sunglasses at Night”.

  8. Sopranos commented on Nancy 13 days ago

    First of all, this goof has great taste. He’s getting her to do something I couldn’t and that’s pay an ounce of attention to me. Secondly, he loves her, she kind of acts like she loves him but I really think she’s something I can’t say here who’s initials are C.T. . She obviously has problems with a commitment to anyone except herself. He needs to throw her a line and see if she bites. In other words, a proposal. But I think those three rocks on the header above are smarter than he is.

  9. Sopranos commented on Dick Tracy 13 days ago

    Tracy must be thinking “Thanks honey. I’m certainly glad one of us is always ready for action”.
    By the way, is this Sam’s version of “Hulking Up”?

  10. Sopranos commented on Nancy 19 days ago

    Fritzi’s beautiful when she’s angry.